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Ramen Tatsu-ya comes to South Austin

02.18.2015 by: Leah McGarry
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Fans of Ramen Tatsu-ya, Austin’s first ever brick and mortar ramen shop, are rejoicing now that the restaurant has opened its second location on South Lamar. Offering the same great food and trendy décor, South Austinites no longer have to travel across town to sip the flavorful broth or dig into those delicious noodles.

Exterior of Ramen Tatsuya on South Lamar

On our visit we started off with the edamame and gyoza. Appetizers are definitely not necessary when you consider the portion sizes of your actual meal, but it’s a nice way to break up all the slurping going on once your ramen arrives to the table.

Edamame with sea salt

Pork gyoza with soy vinegar dipping sauce

Next up was the obvious highlight of our meal – the ramen itself. We sampled both the Tonkotsu Original and the Mi So Hot. The broth on the Original was unlike any other ramen broth I’ve tasted before, with its creamy look and taste. The Mi-So-Hot definitely packs a flavorful punch, and if you’re not looking for the added kick, you can always try the Mi-So-Not to go easier on your palate. Plus, if you’re somehow still hungry after you’ve finished, you can even request extra noodles.

Tonkotsu Original - Creamy pork bone soup with chashu, ajitama egg, wood ear mushroom and scallions.

Mi-So-Hot - Blend of miso based tonkotsu soup with ground pork, napa cabbage, bean sprouts and ajitama egg.

Before you rush over to sample the ramen (and we definitely recommend that you do), just know that the parking situation isn’t exactly abundant. There is a small lot adjacent to the restaurant and some side street parking in the back. However, you’re not allowed inside until your entire party is present, so it’s best to give yourself some extra time. I’d recommend hanging out in the parking lot for a bit waiting for diners to leave – the good news is people seem to gobble up their ramen pretty quickly.

Ramen is the perfect dinner for a cool February night. Head over to South Lamar to check out Ramen Tatsuya’s newest location!

Official Website: Ramen Tatsu-ya

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