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Sampling Seductive Scoops at Spun

08.23.2016 by: Tom Harris
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Spun is a uniquely high-tech addition to the ever-growing ice cream scene in East Austin, joining other innovative shops like Prohibition and Gelateria Gemelli. Rather than churning ice cream beforehand and storing them in freezers like, well, every other ice cream joint in town, Spun whips up made-to-order scoops from scratch using liquid nitrogen. I’ll admit, the first time I heard about Spun’s liquid nitrogen, my gimmick radar started pinging madly. But hey, gotta keep an open mind.

Spun's exterior. Note to self: not a laundromat

Spun occupies a small storefront in an easy-to-overlook strip at the corner of 7th and Chicon (I will own up to thinking it was a hipster laundromat for the first few months of its existence). The interior has that spare, clean feeling common to ice cream shops across the country ("ice cream casual," anyone?), though the needle felted cacti table decorations were a cute touch.

Ice cream mid-birth behind the cloud of nitrogen gas

The menu likely features fewer flavors than you might be accustomed to, but signs in the shop emphasize the quality and freshness of the options they do have, touting their locally sourced milk and organic eggs. Furthermore, each flavor comes with a suggested topping, and with options like brown butter powder and handmade sprinkles, it’s evident that Spun cares about these, too.

Spun's ever-rotating menu

We decided to go with two tiny-sized orders, and honored the chef’s topping suggestions—Cake with Shortbread Crumble for me, dairy-free Horchata with Honeycomb Toffee for my companion. (Programming note: Unless you’re like, hungry, the somewhat misleadingly named tiny is plenty.)

Cake ice cream with shortbread crumble

The cake scoop was everything you’d expect in well-made ice cream—rich, creamy, silky smooth, and soft. The shortbread crumble added even more buttery richness and a welcome hint of salty crunch.

Gimme more horchata

The horchata was somehow even creamier than the dairy-based cake flavor and was very true to its namesake drink, redolent of warm baking spices, while the honeycomb toffee added an airy, crispy crunch. I’ll happily admit: The ol’ gimmick radar was wrong on this one. Consider me a Spun convert.

{Spun Official Website}

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