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Radio Coffee and Beer popped up on Manchaca Road near the Ben White intersection only a few months ago, but the coffee shop has already gained a cult-like following.

The team behind the favorite downtown coffee trailer, Patika Coffee, is excited to announce the official opening of their first brick and mortar location at 2159 South Lamar Boulevard. 

Some pairings come as a no brainer, like wine and cheese, other pairings may come as a surprise unleashing your taste buds into tasty new territory.

Seventh Flag Coffee: A Neighborhood Treat

09.23.2014 by: Katie Habig
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Nestled along South First Street is the newest member of Austin's booming coffee scene. Seventh Flag Coffee resides in a completely refurbished house and serves a selection of specialty coffee and pastries. After only being opened a few short months, it has already graced the pages of The New York Times.

The minimalist design,wood lined ceilings paired with clean white walls, creates a distraction-free zone, great for studying or catching up on email. Tables of different sizes dot the small house creating ample space for patrons. The highlight of the interior, besides the impressive machines behind the coffee bar, is the flag adorned with seven stars hanging above the stone fireplace.

The Interior of Seventh Flag Coffee via their Facebook page

I visited on an unseasonably cold Saturday morning, and the tables were full and the coffee was hot. I ordered a vanilla latte which was served steaming, delightfully frothy, and in one of their signature “7” mugs. I couldn't pass up their wide selection of pastries and added a blueberry muffin to pair with my morning cup of jo.


Vanilla Latte

Besides the typical coffee shop menu staples, Seventh Flag shakes it up by offering the highly sought after Black and Blue Cuvee Coffee on tap. This cold-brew is nitrogenated then kegged and can be sipped like beer. Another unique offering is their espresso presentation. Served next to the espresso is a shot of Topo Chico mineral water and a shot of Tibetan Tiger Tea. These standout items set Seventh Flag apart from the rest.


Cuvee Coffee On Tap via their Facebook page

This week marks the first day of fall, and I know I will be spending more cozy mornings at Seventh Flag Coffee and you should too.

Seventh Flag Coffee Official Site

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