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Shop Everything but the Kitchen Sink at Revival

01.11.2017 by: Leah McGarry
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Revival is just about the most eclectic store you'll find in Austin, and we know that's saying a lot! Quite simply, the owner of the store just has a love of all things cool and wanted to make it available to his city.

Explore new and old, modern and vintage in the backyard of Revival

Revival has a small storefront off of Highway 71 past the Hill Country Galleria, but the area you'll really want to explore is the backyard (think Cathedral of Junk, if the junk were actually beautiful, one-of-a-kind finds). You'll find everything from simple home goods and antiques to vintage furniture and medieval doors. There is a collection of tiny "houses" like the Succulent Mansion which makes for great gifts, or the children's area which carries colorful toys and shoes.

Succulents make for a great gift!

Find colorful kicks for young and old.

Wind your way through vintage pieces and custom furniture, and browse their ever growing collection of beautiful doors. Revival can help you retrofit doors to your home and customize the colors and finish. Even if you're not in the market for a set of $12,000 Spanish doors, it's fun to dream!

Revival has an impressive collection of one-of-a-kind doors that can be retrofitted to your home.

Don't be alarmed by that price tag though - many of the items found throughout the store have extremely reasonable prices. In fact, The Wardrobe just opened in the back of Revival, carrying hip clothes and some of the best jewelry selections I've shopped in Austin. I scored multiple stone necklaces under $20, which would retail for at least double that in comparable boutiques.

You'll love the hip jewelry and accessories inside the Wardrobe at Revival.

Loved these stone necklaces for just $22 or less!

Stay on trend with a great collection of clothes and helpful staff.

Perhaps the best known feature of Revival is Hamlet the pig! Yes, you read that correctly. Hamlet is quite literally a gigantic pig that simply roams the store. He has his own trailer and a hay-filled playground, but he likes to scope out the architectural gems too! Only in Austin, right?

Hamlet, the resident pig, won't be shy as you browse through furniture and home decor

Whether you're in the market for a one-of-a-kind piece or simply in the mood to browse, visiting Revival is a true event. A fun time to visit is in the fall when there are pumpkins scattered around the grounds. I look forward to visiting regularly to peruse new (and old) merchandise.

{Official website: Revival}

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