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Show Stopping Dinners at Counter 3.FIVE.VII

05.21.2015 by: Beth Stockwell Vanderkolk
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Counter 3.Five.VII opened recently downtown above Elephant Room and has been knocking customers' socks off since the doors opened. The space which was formerly Dress Shop looks drastically different- the clean and contemporary space is stunning, but doesn't detract from the real star of the show - the food. Customers are seated around the kitchen area, allowing them to watch the chefs compose their masterful dishes.

At Counter 3.Five.VII, diners must choose between a 3-course, 5-course, and 7-course meal. Wine pairings are optional, and you can also order by the glass; beer is also available. The meal you choose dictates when you'll be able to dine. The 3-course meals are in their earliest time frame.

Beautiful interior and counter facing the kitchen

The garden where the kitchen sources many ingredients 

During our recent visit, we opted for the 5-course menu. We already can't wait to go back to try the 3-course and 7-course meal! Each dish was more interesting than the last, and watching the chefs prepare the exquisite dishes made for quite a show. While the restaurant may not be ideal for large groups (as you're seated side by side), it's a great option for a date. The chefs are happy to explain the ingredients they're working with and answer any questions as they prepare your dishes.

Although customers can only choose between 3 menus, the kitchen is more than happy to accommodate allergies and food preferences. There are vegetarian options for each menu! Check out the stunning plates served during our 5-course menu. Note that the menu changes frequently - the restaurant serves what's in season, and much of their menu comes from their garden (see above)! The kitchen also features a beautiful hydroponic garden where they grow a lot of their greens.

First course on the 5 course menu: Rainbow Trout with Roe, Smoked Pecan, Fiddle Head Fern

Second course on the 5 course menu: Beef Tongue with Beet, Chrysanthemum, Honey

Third course on the 5 course menu: Octopus with Japanese Sweet Potato, Bok Choy, Lap Cheong

Fourth course on the 5 course menu: Duck with Turnip, Black Garlic, Crawfish

Fifth (dessert) course on the 5 course menu: Flavors of Sake, Khao Mahk, Pineapple, Coconut, and Cream Soda (fermented sweet rice pudding made with sake lees)

While you may not leave Counter 3.Five.VII feeling stuffed, you'll definitely leave feeling amazed by what you've just been served. Serving small plates is a popular approach in Austin, but surely no one is doing it as beautifully, creatively, and deliciously as Counter 3.Five.VII.

{Photos via Counter 3.Five.VII Facebook and Instagram pages}
Counter 3.Five.VII Official Site

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