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Soft Serve Bliss at Cow Tipping Creamery

07.14.2016 by: Leah McGarry
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Cow Tipping Creamery recently opened their brick and mortar location in South Austin, and you won't want to miss this decadent summer treat. Newly opened and without much signage, you'll find the new location near Stouthaus Coffee.

Cow Tipping Creamery now has a brick and mortar location on South Lamar.

Austin has its fair share of ice cream, gelato and frozen yogurt joints, but Cow Tipping Creamery specializes in soft-serve. They limit their offerings to 3 flavors - chocolate, vanilla and usually a special. The reason for limited flavors is because their heaviest focus is on the toppings.

Their menu is full of what they call Stackers, which is like a sundae, but all the ingredients are served up in layers, ensuring that each bite has a little of everything. On our visit, we sampled the Gimmie S'more topped with toasted marshmallows, chocolate chips, molasses graham crumbs and dark chocolate sauce. To say it was over the top is an understatement.

Gimmie S'more Stacker loaded with marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs

Our group also selected the At The Ritz, made with brown sugar hot fudge, rummy caramel, and brown butter Ritz crumbs for a sweet and salty spin. Finally, we tasted the Brownie & Cookie D'oh, combining everything someone could love in one scrumptious stacker. 

At the Ritz is for the sweet/salty lover of the group.

Brownie & Cookie D'oh - can hardly see the ice cream with all those brownie crumbs!

The stackers are best served in cups since they're loaded with toppings, but a few of their specialities can be enjoyed as cones (like the High Tea with lemon curd, honey dust and crumbled tea biscuits, or the Mango a Go Go with coffee soil and toasted coconut dust). They even offer floats and shakes, like Up All Night, which contains coffee syrup, coffee powder and coffee soil, or the Minty Fresh, which comes with actual brownie chunks. 

Don't miss the specialty shakes and Coke floats. {Photo via CTC Instagram}

If you're more of a soft serve purist or come with kids in tow, you can order up solo flavors with simple toppings like sprinkles or get creative and build your own.

I absolutely love the unique flavor combinations offered at Cow Tipping Creamery and would like to spend my summer working through the menu. Plus, you won't want to miss their limited time specials, like Bananas Foster. You've probably seen them featured on our Instagram account, and you can also follow CTC on Instagram for more mouth-watering photos!

{Official website: Cow Tipping Creamery}

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