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Soup Dumpling Dreams Come True at Wu Chow

11.11.2015 by: Leah McGarry
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When I heard that Wu Chow was finally opening on my birthday weekend, I felt like the soup dumpling gods had come together and planned a special treat just for me! I was super excited to snag a reservation on opening weekend for this long awaited restaurant.

Wu Chow finally opened in the heart of downtown

From the same owners as Swift's Attic, Wu Chow is a new upscale Chinese concept located in the heart of downtown. They have fun seating options for groups and a great shaded patio outside. 

Wu Chow offers a great covered patio to enjoy this fall!

It's no surprise we started the meal with the much anticipated soup dumplings. Let some of the steam out with your chopsticks, pour in a bit of their house made chili sauce, and try not to make a mess as you slurp these little morsels to start your meal! Absolutely the highlight of our dinner, but consider yourself warned - only one order is allowed per table. 

Soup dumplings from Wu Chow are the talk of the town 

We then chose to sample a variety of dishes from different aspects of the menu. Chicken and taro eggrolls as a starter, deliciously sweet and savory tangerine peel beef, honey pecan prawns as a seafood dish, and Wu Chow's special fried rice made with chicken, shrimp and pork. We loved being able to sample a variety of proteins and each dish had a unique spin on traditional Chinese offerings. We were also given complimentary white rice and dry fried green beans, which ended up being one of our favorite items of the night (but tough to get a good photo in the dimly lit, romantic space). 

Chicken and Taro Egg Rolls

Wu Chow's Special Fried Rice

Honey Pecan Prawns offer just the right amount of crunch

Wu Chow also offers a fun cocktail selection, of which we sampled the Tsingtao Tshandy. It was definitely a tasty spin on your average shandy, but the drinks are a little steep at $11-15.

Try out one of Wu Chow's fun cocktails like the Tsingtao Tshandy

Wu Chow is still working out some kinks with their menu and wine list, but I am excited that we have an upscale Chinese eatery downtown! Plus the restaurant will begin serving dim sum in the coming weeks, which always makes for a great Sunday brunch. 

{Official website: Wu Chow}

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