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Sunday Funday on Rainey Street

09.05.2014 by: Travis Sandoval
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As you’re counting down the minutes to 5pm today, it’s not too early to start making plans for a Sunday Funday. If it’s been a while since you’ve made a day time bar crawl, here’s a little list we’ve put together for Rainey Street, one of Austin’s trendiest entertainment districts.

Get your day started with a generous helping of comfort food {Photo courtesy of Moonshine}.

Start your day off with a hearty brunch at Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill. While this may not be on Rainey Street, it’s pretty close and offers the nourishment necessary for a day of drinking. In this historic building, you’ll find a buffet of delicious Southern food. Sunday brunch is pretty popular and they don’t take reservations. Don’t worry, sip a Bloody Mary while sitting on one of their front porch rockers. You won’t be hangry for long when you’re taking second helpings of kolaches and King Ranch casserole. For those more conscious about their diet, you'll also find fresh fruit and typical breakfast offerings like scrambled eggs. 


Bar 96's sunny backyard is a great place for beers and games {Photo courtesy of Bar 96}.

Once you’ve filled up on brunch, roll down to Rainey Street for drinks. Your first stop should be at Bar 96 on the north end of the street. This converted bungalow is described as “sports-friendly” with plenty of TVs to watch the game. You’ll also find a roomy wrap around patio as well as plenty of picnic tables and outdoor games. Pour some drafts and challenge your friends to a game of cornhole.


The upcycled architecture of Container Bar {Photo courtesy of Container Bar}.

You should’ve sweated out breakfast by this point so head over to the colorfully kitschy Container Bar. Made up of seven stacked shipping containers, this bar offers an experience like no other. After spending years in development, you finally have the chance to grab a cocktail and relish in the splendor of creative upcycling. Their bourbon based “Lazy Day” is probably the most appropriate for this outing and includes a fun mixture of orange juice and rosemary. 


The view of Icenhauer's gorgeous backyard {Photo courtesy of Icenhauer's}.

Next, move across the street to the beautifully modern Icenhauer’s. As you may have guessed, the bar is a remodeled home with a spacious backyard perfect for socializing with your best friends. Circle up some chairs and try some of their speciality cocktails like the “Allison,” housemade sangria served in a mason jar. 


Banger's Fried Chicken sausage with mashed potatoes and a honey buttered drop biscuit {Photo courtesy of Banger's Sausage & Beer}.

After all that drinking, you’ll be ready for another meal followed by a nap at home. The last stop on our trip is Banger’s Sausage and Beer. Not only will you find over 100 beers on tap, you’ll also be able to choose from the largest selection of sausages in Austin. Try something unusual like the Turducken, a sausage made of turkey, duck, and chicken, or go fancy with the Duck, Bacon & Fig. There’s plenty of delicious items on the menu and of course plenty of beer to wash down your meal with. 

After a day of decadent meals, craft cocktails, and draft beers, Monday will never know what hit it.

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