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Ten Ten Pie at Hecho en Mexico

08.30.2016 by: Beth Stockwell Vanderkolk
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Hecho en Mexico is one of South Austin's best Mexican restaurants, and arguably one of the best interior Mexican restaurants in all of Austin. Their menu has such a wide selection of authentic and delicious Mexican fare, such as margaritas, chile rellenos, and cochinita pibil. But they also feature a unique Ten Ten Pie menu, which we've determined is essentially an appetizer menu. Getting to the bottom of how the term "ten ten pie" originated is a bit more difficult. The term "ten ten pie" is based off of the term "tenerse en pie" and means "to keep you on your feet" - in simple terms, a snack! The translation is loose, but we get their drift. Feeling a bit peckish one day, we stopped in to try their Ten Ten Pie menu!

Menu and Margarita! (Don't mind that half the chips are already in my belly in this pic)

The eleven-item Ten Ten Pie menu is filled with lots of delicious options- it's best to pore over it with chips and salsa and a margarita to start. We ended up ordering about half the menu, at which point it became a meal of small plates instead of a snack, which was fine with us! First up was the Ceviche- fresh fish, Gulf shrimp, scallops, in pico de gallo and lime juice. This ceviche was super fresh, and perfect with the chips and avocado. It's also probably one of the healthiest options at a Mexican restaurant. Next up were the Par de Huaraches- 2 oval-shaped corn tortillas topped with refried beans, a fresh cactus salad, and queso fresco. Par de Huaraches are vegetarian and filling, so this could easily count as a small meal if not shared. Another great vegetarian dish we tried was the Bunuelos de Cauliflor- breaded and fried cauliflower with purple cabbage, aioli and tortillas. The effect of frying the cauliflower was a bit reminiscent of tempura, so that threw us for a bit of a loop, but it was yummy nonetheless.


Par de Huaraches

Bunuelos de Cauliflor

In what ended up being complete overkill, we ended with the Quesadilla Espinaca- flour tortillas filled with sauteed spinach, almonds, mushroom, Monterey Jack cheese, then served with sour cream and pico de gallo. This was an incredibly generous quesadilla portion, and we finished it because it was absolutely delicious! Overall we loved the Ten Ten Pie menu, and it gave us just another reason to go back to Hecho en Mexico. Their breakfast (served daily), as well as lunch and dinner menus are super legit, as well.

Quesadilla de Espinaca

Hecho en Mexico also hosts unique four course tequila dinners. These special menus are different each month. Each course is paired up with a tasting or special cocktail with the featured tequila of the month.These are family style dinners where everyone sits together. An ambassador from the company that produces the tequila of the month shares information on the featured tequila. They discuss the history of the tequila itself, how it is made, what makes it unique and different from other tequilas and answers any questions. Reservations are necessary for tequila dinners, so be sure to sign up if you're interested!

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