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Tillery Kitchen & Bar: Excellent Food, Unbeatable View

03.21.2017 by: Tom Harris
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Tillery Kitchen & Bar, a new restaurant off Cesar Chavez, is a unique addition to the Austin restaurant scene. Its website, boldly imploring you to “HANG OUT BY THE RIVER,” points toward why. Perched on a high bank and with a sweeping command of the Colorado River, Tillery has the finest view of any restaurant in East Austin.

Just below the homepage’s heading is the phrase “Bringing people and nature together” that neatly sums up the restaurant’s approach to spatial design. Tillery has a sizeable indoor seating area, but its floor-to-ceiling windows, warm lighting, and rich wood interior make it feel entirely a part of its natural environment. And then, of course, there is the deck, with ample seating under soaring and leafy pecan branches.

Tillery’s top-notch view overlooking the Colorado river.

If Tillery was nothing more than a pretty space with middling fare, it would be worth a visit just to take in the space and relax. But that’s not the case. This staff knows its way around a kitchen, making Tillery a great regular option to enjoy the outdoors, in good weather or bad.

Sauteed Texas mushrooms with microgreens.

Our meal was two mains and two companion dishes. The Sauteed Texas Mushrooms were prepared wonderfully - cooked long enough to become silky and given backbone both with black pepper directly and peppery microgreens as a garnish. Heaped on toast, they were a sort of inspired version of traditional bruschetta—a savory topping-on-toast appetizer evoking a dark forest floor rather than a bright summery garden.

Blackened Baby Beets

If you told me that the best thing I had during a given meal was a beet dish, I’d tell you that meal was a bust. Not this time. For me, beets generally top out at “fine,” with a sort of dominant earthy sweetness that is hard to incorporate into a well-balanced dish, but these were spectacular. They were slightly smoky and had a sharp but quick-to-dissipate spiciness reliant on black pepper tamed by goat cheese

The Paella with Seasonal Vegetables is a deconstructed take on the Spanish classic

Tillery’s Market Fish the night we visited was redfish.

The redfish we ordered came with a sweet potato puree, grilled spring onion, and quick-pickled watermelon radish. The flesh was pleasantly firm and was pan-seared with a warm spice-laden rub.

Tillery’s Ice Cream Flight – now this idea is genius.

Our meal concluded with the Ice Cream Flight, which features rotating homemade creations. On this night, we were served petite scoops of cinnamon, cumin-plantain, and chocolate-chocolate chip. The flight was a sweet end to a sweet evening under the open Texas evening sky.

Tillery's exterior, facing Cesar Chavez

{Tillery Official Website}

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