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Vintage Desert Vibes at The Fox Den

11.27.2015 by: Vanessa Miller
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The Fox Den, a shop filled with sweet succulents, vintage decor, turquoise jewelry, serape blankets, and handmade scents, brings a little West Texas desert to East Austin.

Welcome to The Fox Den

Getting to The Fox Den feels like a magical trip — you can find its doorway within another shop (Laced with Romance vintage shop).  It’s a light filled room that welcomes lingering, with plenty of items well worth examining. The precious things occupying the floor-to-ceiling cubby shelves will have you getting as up-and-close-and-personal as you dare with the tiny cacti.  And if you love the 70s as much as I do, you’ll be in time-traveling heaven.

Watch out for the cacti!

Browse a vast array of individually potted succulents, each in their terra-cotta pots.  Some larger pots hang from cream vintage macrame, and there are other artistic one-of-a-kind containers, including an adorable armadillo any Texan would love.  I recently saw on their Instagram feed that they have added a "pot your own" table.

Bring home a potted cactus for a different look.

Interesting finds are endless here.

One wall holds serape blankets and pillows. The pillows are Peruvian embroidered, Indian beaded, or made from a Kilim rug, all capturing that beautiful 70s desert vibe. On the giant cubby shelf taking up one wall, there were all sorts of interesting finds: Palo Alto candles, vintage glass wall art, hand-poured candles in metal containers (by Wild Well), essential oils blended by The Fox Den, and even a tiny bronze unicorn.


Keyword: Return!

It’s the kind of shop that leaves you looking forward to your next visit. You'll be excited to see the new things their owner, Candice, has collected.  The online shop seems to have even more things to choose from, so check it out too!

{The Fox Den Official Website}

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