Where to Sip on Bubbles in Austin

05.11.2016 by: Beth Stockwell Vanderkolk
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Champagne and sparkling wine are often reserved for birthdays, promotions, weddings and other special occasions, but there's absolutey no good reason you should be waiting! Bubbly beverages are such a great alternative to beer or red wine during the summer months, so there's no better time to imbibe in bubbles than now, as we're about to be hit with that hot, hot Texas heat. Here are our 5 favorite spots to sip on bubbles in Austin:

The Grove Downtown (also the The Grove Lakeway and The Grove Westlake locations)

Score an incredibly generous flight of 3 sparkling wines at The Grove for a mere $15! You won't find a better deal anywhere. All 3 of the Austin locations of The Grove have beautiful views. The downtown location has a great patio in the heart of the city, the patio at the Westlake location is shaded by a stunningly beautiful giant tree, and the Lakeway location overlooks the gorgeous Austin hill country. 

Sparkling wine flight at The Grove
Photo courtesy of The Grove's Facebook page

Cru Food & Wine Bar downtown (also the Cru Domain location)

We previously detailed how much we love Cru's flights and bites here. Order bubbles by the glass or sample a few with their Bubble Trouble flight! Each flight comes with a detailed card so you can learn more about what you're drinking. The flight (also referred to as Everyone Loves Bubbles) will run you around $18. While you can get a better deal at The Grove, we love Cru because both locations are conveniently near great shopping downtown and at the Domain. Shopping and champagne? Sign us up.

Bubble Trouble flight at Cru with information card

House Wine

House Wine's sleepy little South Lamar location is super chill, and a great spot that often flies under the radar. It's not super modern or trendy, but it's classic, comfortable, and has a ton of character, not to mention great wine and snacks. House Wine also features some really great sparkling cocktails, like the Porch Fizz (sparkling wine, Izze juice, lemon twist, and raspberry) and the Sorbet Sparkling (raspberry or mango sorbet floating in a glass of French bubbles). There are also misters on the patio to help you beat the heat.

Rose Cremant bubbles on the patio
Photo courtesy of House Wine's Facebook page

Apothecary Cafe and Wine Bar

Apothecary Cafe is by far the sexiest spot on this list. The dark, romantic, and cozy interior is perfect for cozying up on a date (or for a gossip sesh with your bestie, for that matter). The bubbles on their wine list include a great variety, including  prosecco, cremant brut rose, vouvray brut, and champagne. If that sounds like gibberish to you, just ask for a recommendation! And don't forget to pair some oysters from their raw bar with your bubbles! All day on Saturday you get 1/2 of bottles of bubbly.

Heaven. Errrr... we mean a beautiful glass of bubbles at Apothecary!
Photo via Apothecary's Instagram


Tucked away in a little space in South Austin, Winebelly's wine list offers 14 different sparkling wines. And you can pair all of them with the delicious tapas menu! Only 5 of the bottles are available by the glass, but if you bring a friend you should definiely opt for a bottle to share. If you walk to the back of the restaurant, you'll see a door to a great little patio so you can enjoy your bubbles under the sun or moon.

A pretty serious selection of roses and bubbles at Winebelly
Photo via Winebelly's Instagram

No matter what part of town you're in, you can get to one of these awesome Austin spots without too much trouble or traffic! Bubbles are perfect for basically any occasion, so don't keep waiting! Celebrate every day.

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