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Word on the "Street" - It's a Hit

07.18.2016 by: Leah McGarry
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With Musashino in a new location, Street has taken over, and diners old and new will not be disappointed. The restaurant has gotten some modern updates, but it still maintains the small, underground vibe that I love. They have managed to cater to all kinds - bar dwellers, couples, groups, and even families with children. The staff is extremely friendly and obviously excited about the new venture. 

Street now open under Chinatown off of Mopac

Enjoy the cool underground vibe and funky bar of the updated restaurant

Street comes from the same owner of Chinatown, who had a desire to bring Asian street food to Austin after traveling through Southeast Asia. The menu has an extensive offering of sushi and other dishes - so extensive, in fact, that we even missed a portion of it. 

For starters, you won't want to miss their creative cocktails. On this warm summer night, we selected the Grey Goose Fizz, which also included St. Germain, fresh lime juice and club soda - simple and dangerously refreshing. We also sampled the Empress Delight made with vodka, rum, orange juice and lime juice served in a festive cup.

Empress Delight and Grey Goose Fizz - most cocktails were reasonably priced around $9-10

Moving on to the real star - the food. We based a lot of our choices on the already glowing reviews the restaurant has received. The green onion pancakes were quite possibly the most deliciously flakey bit of fried goodness I've ever put in my mouth. Our other starter was the well-dressed pork belly buns. In retrospect, I really wish we would have tried the grilled eel skewers, but it's easy to get lost in the menu!

Green onion pancakes bursting with flavor

Pork belly buns make for a nice, hearty starter

For our main dishes, we couldn't resist the hyped Vietnamese Shaken Beef. It comes with a very simple dipping sauce made with lime juice, salt and pepper but tastes much more complex. The beef was tender and delicious on its own, but when dipped it took on a whole new set of flavors.

Don't miss the Vietnamese Shaken Beef, one of the restaurant's most popular dishes

For sushi, we selected the VIP roll made with Shrimp tempura, avocado, cream cheese, and soy paper with salmon, spicy aioli, tare sauce & tempura crumbs. My eyes literally bulged when I took my first bite because it was so full of interesting flavors. 

VIP roll was one of the most memorable sushi rolls I've ever had

Trust me when I say this was the kind of meal I continued to think about for days. Street also offers a nice range of options for lunch that I look forward to trying - along with those grilled eel skewers! Fans of Musashino may have mixed feelings about the old favorite moving to a new location, but as far as I'm concerned we now just have more delicious Asian food to choose from. 

{Official website: Street}

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