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A Subterranean Cocktail Experience at Midnight Rambler

04.09.2015 by: Katie Breckenridge
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If you’ve never taken a trip to The Joule’s subterranean craft cocktail den, Midnight Rambler, you are missing out on a cocktail experience like no other in Dallas. Really, it’s more like a secret cocktail lair, where all sorts of unique concoctions are crafted and served in an atmosphere as over-the-top as your drink.

Sign above stairs leading to Midnight Rambler

The below-surface bar and lounge transports you back in time, while somehow keeping a modern and edgy ambiance. The feel and theme are reminiscent of a vintage comic book, and the different spaces to gather totally add to the clandestine underground hideout vibe. I felt cooler just walking down the stairs, and even more so once I settled in to my seat on the leather couch. A great place to come with a group or just a pair of you – there’s a space to fit parties of all sizes.

The bar is a clearly a work of art, and behind it, the bartenders’ personalities shine. Don’t expect to find your average college kid or 20-something looking to work through school here. These bartenders are good. Really good. And they totally add to the experience with their elevated knowledge about ingredients and flavors.

Bar and marble top tables. The place crowds up fast, so send a few ahead to hold seats if you have a large group. (Photo cred: Lori Bandi at EDFW via Dallas Eater)

The drink menu is extensive, so even the most discerning mixologist is sure to find something worthy of imbibing. Drinks are aptly named, paying homage to the theme of the joint, with titles such as the Pho-King Champ and the Hogo-a-go-go, to name a few. If you aren’t looking for a curated cocktail, a full bar with probably the most vast array of mixers you’ve come across awaits – and the bar staff is more than qualified to mix up a goodie for you. 

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Cuff & Buttons. A simple yet stunning work of art. (Photo cred Midnight Rambler FB page)

The drink presentation can be cheeky as well. Vintage glasses, barware, and fun and creative presentations made me excited to see what would be arriving each time someone ordered. Prices reflect the exotic herbs, spices, and alcohols, but they do offer a happy hour (they dub it “twine time”) from 5-8, Monday-Friday.

Love the title of this one: "The Revolution Will Not Be Wassailed." (Photo cred: Midnight Rambler FB page)

People watching here was as entertaining as the vinyl-spinning DJ (they play on Thursdays and Sundays). All types – from businessmen in power ties, groups of friends and couples to trendsetters in black rims – graced the bar through the course of our stay. You can order from a small food menu here as well – with items such as the Cuban Sandwich or pickles and a charcuterie board, all provided by the deliciously popular CBD Provisions.

Cuban Sandwich with Fries {CBD Provisions Facebook Page Photo}

Vinyl Spinnin': Rock-n-Roll Thursdays or Slow Sundays. {Photo cred: Midnight Rambler FB page}

I’ll definitely be going back. It's not the place to make your "usual hangout," but it's definitely a destination worth putting on the list if you are looking to shake it up. Midnight Rambler makes having a cocktail a real experience! Check out some of the menu here: 

Midnight Rambler Official Site

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