A Valentine to Rise No. 1

02.14.2014 by: Shelly Markey
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We are lucky in Dallas. This city has abundant choices of classic steakhouses, spicy taquerias, trendy pizza and burger spots and hip farm-to-table eateries. When people ask me "What's your favorite restaurant in Dallas?" it's not something I can answer. Why not just ask me "Which child of yours is your favorite?" Every restaurant on LocalSugar is loved for different things, be it a spacious patio with strong margaritas, a buzzy dining room with some of the best steaks in town, a chef that puts out works of art as well as innovative cuisine-the list goes on and on. But there are some that stand out to me as being so perfect on every level that I find myself drawn into the doors time and time again. One of these spots is Rise No. 1, the inspiring French bistro with the famous souffles. So on Valentine's Day, we give you an Ode to Rise No. 1. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

Entry to Rise No 1 {Rise No 1 Photo}

Dining Room {Rise No 1 Photo}

Patio {Rise No 1 Photo}

I love thee for thy charming entryway filled with flowers and beautiful wood door to greet me. Every time I walk through those doors, I fall in love all over again. It's hard to choose where to sit: the warm dining room with the twinkling branches and open kitchen or the lovely patio with a wall of windows to let the sun shine on me?

Crusty French Bread and Whipped Butter

I love thee for thy warm, crusty little french loaves of bread with the creamiest butter that you set before me at the beginning of the meal. Even when I'm watching my carbs I cannot resist these baguettes from heaven!

Marshmallow Soup {Rise No1 Photo}

I love thee for thy Marshmallow Soup with it's pillowy goat cheese souffles that adorn the rustic tomato bisque and hold the pesto drizzle. A perfect name for an unforgettable soup!

Jambon & Gruyere Souffle

Bananas Foster Souffle-Dessert Souffle of the Day

I love thee for thy Jambon & Gruyere Souffle. Even though you tempt me with a Souffle of the Day with enticing ingredients like scrumptious crab or rich lobster, I still cannot resist this simple blend of ham and gruyere cheese-it's just too divine! However, I almost always give in to the Daily Dessert Souffle which proves to be too irresistible to pass up.

Rise No 1 Family {Rise No 1 Photo}

I love thee for thy gracious staff, from the warm wishes at the door, to the friendly servers with their smiling faces making every meal a dining experience. Each visit ends by receiving a small card with a special proverb or saying, and in the same tradition we say to you, "We hope this love affair lasts forever".

Rise No 1 {Official Website}

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