Aloha to Excellent Food at Coconut's Fish Cafe

01.15.2015 by: Natalie Lomont
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Coconut’s Fish Cafe is an import from Maui, where the original location is a local favorite. With Dallas being only the third location, we were thrilled to welcome this unique standout. Now that we’ve been a couple of times, we’re happy to confirm that it is worth your excitement. Here’s why.

The Staff

One of the more friendly, knowledgeable, and welcoming teams we’ve encountered, it seemed every staff person was eager to make our experience a solid one. Greeted with an “Aloha” upon entering, the service maintained a level of excellence throughout our visit without being obnoxious. Each person we spoke with could confidently answer questions about the ingredients, the restaurant history, and the best way to eat the tacos {not with a fork}.

The Atmosphere

Tastefully tropical, the cheery interior is light, fresh, and different from anywhere in Dallas. Yes, we have charming seafood shacks, but picture a cleaner, sleek feel with bright punches of color. Neatly displayed chalkboards, touches of bamboo, and custom surfboard tables contribute to the ambiance, and those surfboard benches are surprisingly comfortable.

Interior of Coconut's Fish Cafe

{Photo courtesy of Coconut's Fish Cafe's Facebook Page}

Community Table

The Food

Not all fish tacos are created equal. Standard white fish tacos can be found at countless restaurants, but these, well, they must put some sort of magic in them. With 7 different layers of texture and 17 different ingredients {including a combination of fresh Mahi-Mahi and Ono}, it’s possible. Even if you aren’t a fish taco fanatic, you’ll crave these.

Coconut’s Fish Cafe’s exceptional food offerings expand well beyond these famous fish tacos. Don't worry about getting a fishy bite of anything. It is obvious that all ingredients are fresh and of excellent quality. It is also quite apparent that they have mastered the recipes. Nothing was over or under-cooked, the flavors complemented each other perfectly, and the textures, from tortillas to the coconut shrimp breading, were spot on.

Coconut Shrimp

Fish Tacos {2 to an order}

On Brown Rice: Local Style Grilled Mahi-Mahi Plate

On A Bun: Grilled Ono with the Lemon Butter Preparation. We can't wait to try the cajun prep!

Aside from tacos and sandwiches {including non-seafood options}, the menu offers appealing salads, brown rice plates, pastas, and fried plates. Choose from a variety of preparation styles for fish selections, like Lemon Butter, South of the Border, Cajun, Asian Flair, and more.

Quality and Convenience Combo

This is a great place for those who appreciate quality, fresh food but also welcome a fast casual establishment for days when dressing up and making reservations is too much. Fancy pants or not, sometimes you need a laid back place to go without sacrificing quality. Another somewhat rare but always exciting offering is a long list of healthy choices that don’t even seem like a compromise. On more indulgent days, delicious fried options like calamari and chips are readily available. 

There's already a lot to love, but do you want the cherry on top? When patio season hits, you'll be able to enjoy all of this in the great outdoors. Until then, stop in for lunch or an easy dinner. We doubt you'll be disappointed!

Coconut's Fish Cafe Official Website

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