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04.26.2016 by: Becca Kouser
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BB Bop Seoul Kitchen has had booming success with its two locations on upper and lower Greenville, so we happily accompanied friends to visit the newest location of the Korean comfort food staple in Oak Cliff. Located in the Bishop Arts District, BB Bop Seoul Kitchen is a fun addition to the neighborhood. It's a great spot for a quick lunch, drinks on the patio or dinner with friends. BB Bop has a laid back vibe, with order-at-the-counter service, a welcoming bar, and a patio fit for afternoon lounging.

BB Bop's Counter Service and Bright Decor

The Soju Collins is a twist on the signature Tom Collins cocktail.

A refreshing Korean Garden cocktail

Adult beverages include signature cocktails, beer, soju, and makkoli. New to soju, we tried the Soju Collins; classic soju, Asian honeydew, Thai basil, and soda. This twist on a signature Tom Collins was refreshing and perfectly sweetened. The Korean Garden, comprised of vodka, lychee liquor, Thai basil and sesame leaf, was another refreshing option.

Curry Fries

BB Bop's menu combines comfort food with Korean classics. Start with a selection from the Anju "Korean small plates" to share with the table. We opted for the Curry Fries; thin and crispy fries topped with spicy curry powder. But with options like Glazed Pork Belly, Gangnam Kimchi Fries, and Samosa Eggrolls, it's hard to order just one.

Orange Bop + Chicken Bowl

A Bi Bim Bop bowl is a classic that never goes wrong. The Orange Bop + Chicken bowl is filled with white sticky rice, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, cilantro and orange sauce. We tried ours with a few of their signature sauces, and the pairing made a delicious match.

Stir Fried Korean Glass Noodles

For noodles we ordered the Korean Glass Noodles; sweet potato noodles stir fried with carrots, spinach, mushrooms and green onions tossed in a savory sauce. These glass noodles were divine and made the perfect (semi) guilt-free dish.

Not Your Mama's Fried Chicken {Photo Courtesy of BB Bop's Facebook Page}

BB Bop is known for their Not your Mama's Fried Chicken. Voted as some of the best fried chicken in Dallas, we have to agree it's quite delicious! Coated in a special batter, the chicken is fried and lightly glazed with your choice of sauce. We tried the spicy chili because we love a spicy kick. The chicken was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, and we can't wait to indulge in their version of KFC again.

The combination of comfort food with Korean flavors makes an excellent meal - especially when enjoyed in fun and laid-back atmosphere. The next time you're craving something different, BB Bop is the place to go for Korean indulgence. 

{BB Bop's Official Website}

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