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Barbecue and Brews at Lakewood Smokehouse

03.08.2016 by: Jo Firth
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Barbecue is just one of those foods that really has no substitute. When you’re in the mood for a filling, hearty meal, it certainly hits the spot. Lakewood Smokehouse provides the perfect place for getting your barbecue fix, whether you’re looking for a full meal, or just a few drinks and eats to enjoy during happy hour.

Lakewood Smokehouse isn’t your average barbecue joint. Sure, its menu features all the usual dishes you’d expect, but there’s a certain “neighborhood flair” that really sets it apart from other local spots. For starters, the menu isn’t limited to food alone. Lakewood serves a variety of craft beers and cocktails that are worth visiting for alone. One example is the Cherry Limeade, which takes a fizzy classic and transforms it into a boozy cocktail you’ll want to sip all Spring and Summer. It’s a grown-up version of a beloved soda fountain treat, and you’ll be hooked from your first taste.

The Cherry Limeade and a glass of Crackberry Cider from Bishop Cider Co. are just two wonderful drink options on the menu at Lakewood Smokehouse. 

Lakewood also features a variety of rotating beers on tap, and many are sourced from local breweries. But with the Dallas brew scene constantly expanding, other local pioneers, like Bishop Cider Co., get space at the bar as well. This means that almost any drinker will be able to find something they like on the menu, whether it’s a beer, cider, or cocktail. Combine this with the fact that Lakewood offers weekly Happy Hour specials, and you may have found your new favorite place to sip and snack during the week.

The food at Lakewood is also delicious, although barbecue by nature is almost always tasty. Inventive appetizers like the Brisket Loaded Queso, which features spicy queso blended with smoked brisket, pico, and other garnishes, are a perfect way to kick off a meal with something shareable.

Queso is a delicious appetizer on its own, but adding smoky brisket to the mix really takes it to the next level. 

The Jalapeno Fire Crackers, another tasty option from Lakewood’s appetizer menu, are a go-to choice if you’re a fan of spicy dishes. They feature jalapenos stuffed with savory brisket and wrapped in sweet, salty glazed bacon, and they’re served alongside a heaping order of fries. Whether you’re visiting for dinner or just happy hour, they’re the perfect option to order alongside your drink.

The Jalapeno Fire Crackers are savory, salty, and sweet at the same time. 

When it comes to the main course, any of Lakewood’s Meat Plates are probably your best bet. They’re totally customizable, and you can select from a range of meats, even down to identifying your preference in how lean or marbled your cuts will be. For a classic selection, order sliced brisket and poblano cheddar sausage with whatever sides suit your preferences; you won’t be disappointed. Or branch out and try something new, because you really can’t go wrong with barbecue.

Lakewood Smokehouse's Two Meat Plate is the perfect choice if you're looking for a filling main course. 

Lakewood Smokehouse gets busiest on weekends, so plan your trip for off-peak times if you want to avoid waiting for a table. For best results, visit during their weekly happy hour and enjoy special pricing on drinks and appetizers, and then stick around for dinner. Either way, you’ll be glad you made the trip.

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