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Biscuits and Bourbon Are a Hit at Grayson Social

11.28.2016 by: Becca Kouser
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Grayson Social is a new chic downtown restaurant serving fine Southern classics with a little flair. They are known for their sinfully delicious biscuits, and their bourbon cocktails are not ones to miss. This beautiful space is located in the historic LTV Tower.

The bar is a fantastic spot for pre-dinner drinks or happy hour. {Photo courtesy of Grayson Social}

The restaurant is open and glorious with beautiful decor, an extravagant bar, patio seating and an upstairs den fit for any social gathering or party. Setting themselves apart, they also offer a social club that includes exclusive event invites, private seating and special members-only pricing on cocktails. It welcomes a social atmosphere within the restaurant.

The Campfire Cocktail is must try.

The Beef and Bourbon includes little pieces of beef jerky for snacking.

Grayson Social prides themselves on bourbon and biscuits, and it indeed shows within their cocktail, dinner and breakfast menu. For cocktails, they offer an extensive list of drinks ranging from bourbon focused to creative gin and tequila creations.

We ordered a few of their specialty bourbon drinks that can even fool the nonbourbon drinkers. The Campfire cocktail was delicious! Subtly sweet, it consists of bourbon, whiskey, marshmallow syrup and, of course, is topped with a toasted marshmallow.  

Another bourbon favorite was the Beef and Bourbon. This concotion is made with bourbon, maple syrup, myrrh, cypress and honey and is served with a little envelope of beef jerky on the side. Innovative and tasty, this is perfect for any meat loving bourbon drinker. If cocktails aren't your thing, they also have an extensive wine and beer list.

The Killer Biscuits are offered in many different seasonal flavors. {Photo courtesy of Grayson Social} 

After our bourbon cocktails, we were excited to indulge in their Killer Biscuits. They vary from buttermilk to orange and pimento cheese to pecan bacon, and they truly are killer. They don't just stop with fantastic biscuit options; they also include a decadent array of jams and butter. We sampled flavors like blueberry ginger and raspberry ancho chile, but these change seasonally. 

The Country Fried Yard Bird is too good to pass up. {Photo courtesy of Grayson Social}

What's the best way to round up a meal of bourbon and biscuits? Fried chicken, of course! Grayson Social has mastered the Southern trio with their Country Fried Yard Bird. The fried chicken is breaded to perfection and is juicy on the inside. We were full but were still left wanting seconds. Other Southern traditional dishes we can't wait to try include shrimp and grits, country fried steak and much more.

The Country Fried Steak topped with a fried egg makes an unbeatable breakfast. {Photo courtesy of Grayson Social}

In addition to cocktails and dinner, Grayson Social also serves breakfast. Avocado Toast, Croissant Sandwiches, Chicken Fried Quail and Waffles and a Biscuit Benedict all look like tasty choices on a menu that serves many Southern classics.

Parking can be difficult, and valet is a steep $15, so we suggest using Uber. Grayson Social is a fun addition to the downtown dining scene, and we can't wait to stop by again and test out their members-only perks. Here's to Southern hospitality!

{Grayson Social Official Website}

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