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Black Swan Saloon Crafts Seriously Good Cocktails

12.05.2014 by: Katie Breckenridge
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Black Swan Saloon is different from your average bar. You can tell from the moment you walk up to the door. Unmarked, the only ways to know it's there is by the address numbers and the "open sign", which may or may not indicate the bar is open. It’s a cocktail lovers haven – serving up expertly crafted drinks to suit your fancy.

Black Swan Saloon's Unmarked Door

The bar is a long skinny space, with one wall being taken up completely by the extensive bar and alcohol selection, and the other featuring a small ledge for drinks with stools for standing and crowding around. Décor is simple – exposed brick and band posters. TVs play at one end and usually feature sports. Toward the back is a small patio for warm nights or smoking.

Shot of the bar

The crowd varies – all ages, couples, singles, yuppies, musicians, and every type of concert goer….No matter who you are, everyone seems to find something they like, and from what we could tell, bartender and owner Gabe Sanchez and his team of mixologists knew many of the clients by name and what their order was. We arrived early for pre-dinner drinks, and by the time we left at 8:30, the place was packed.

The Crowd at Black Swan Saloon

The view facing Main St. featuring band poster wall art.  

The selection of infused bourbons was intriguing and reflected the season's bounty: vanilla bean/pecan pie, pear/ginger, and apple/clove to name a few. There is no drink menu here. Instead, mixers and flavors change with the seasons. You can order a standard drink, or you can tell the bartender what kinds of flavors you like and they will mix up something to your taste. That’s what we did, and we ended up with a Pear/Ginger Bourbon, stirred, with vermouth and Grand Classico, garnished with orange rind.

Beautiful presentation! 

I couldn’t even really taste the bourbon in this drink because it was so smooth and delicious; very subtle! The next drink they concocted for us, an old fashioned, featured another of their infused bourbons – the vanilla bean pecan flavor.

Vanilla bean pecan bourbon old fashioned ala Dylan.

For the final drink, we offered up the following, "we like refreshing, spicy, herbs, no vodka" and got this as a result: 

Tequila blanco, cucumber, jalapeno, rosemary, fresh lime, and Szechuan pepper tincture...aka heaven in a glass. 

Black Swan Saloon also offers a wide selection of beers, should a mixed drink not suit your fancy.

To keep things interesting, they have been known to offer cocktail classes to help you bring out your inner mixologist.

Mixology class. Photo courtesy of Jake Fergusson via Instagram.

The entire space is up for rental should you choose to throw your own shindig. Check their website {Black Swan Saloon} for events and happenings as well. 

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