CBD Provisions Packs Them In

03.20.2014 by: Allison Turpin
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CBD Provisions is set in the heart of downtown Dallas and is attracting quite the crowd. Set across Main street from a park, the success of this restaurant appears to be carefully watched by the park's giant eyeball scuplture with an eerily life-like blue iris. The packed bar area in CBD Provisions greets you upon arrival and is the first signal of the impressive architecture of the Joule Hotel's newest eating establishment.

The cocktail list is inventive and the cool vibe of the large bar is the ideal spot for a drink after work. The Sweetwater Cocktail tastes dangerously like a normal Arnold Palmer, yet it unexpectedly packs a punch. The Pickled Provisions Martini exudes a vinegar smell from the pickled pear brine but has a smooth, clean flavor. 

Dining Room and Kitchen at CBD Provisions {CBD Provisions Facebook Photo}

The interior of CBD Provisions (or Central Business District) is very well done. The decor falls somewhere between industrial, rustic, and modern farmhouse. Patterned white tile greets you on the floor of the doorway and is repeated all the way on the back shelves that display an array of pickled vegetable jars. The restaurant walls are exposed brick, wood and steel beams frame the eating area, and beautiful oak tables beckon diners to enjoy a feast. It is a sizable room with a sizable bar, front and center, but it never seemed to be too loud to carry on a conversation.

18 Hour Pork Shoulder {CBD Provisions Facebook Photo}

Shrimp and Grits

The food is a modern take on Texas cuisine and begins with "toasts" and "small plates." We tried the Pig Tails and the Kale Salad. The Pig Tails are not for the non-adventurous eater, but for those daring eaters, they will not disappoint. The meat falls off the tail bone and is a succulent taste of pork you aren't used to trying. The Kale Salad was very light and citrusy with crouton crumbs providing a nice crunch with every bite.

The rest of the menu offers "Sandwiches," "Large Plates," "Family Style," and "Sides." The 18 Hour Pork Shoulder was served in a spicy green chile sauce with crispy hominy and topped with ribbons of jicama. The spiciness of this dish nearly overtook all of the other flavors, but the meat was tender. The Shrimp and Grits is composed of head-on giant prawns that sit on a bed of ultra-creamy grits and a thin sauce. The shrimp definitely require some work to eat and were slightly gritty, but the grits were flavorful and rich. CBD Provisions is well known for its unusual Berkshire Pig Head Carnitas. This family style dish might startle you when it comes to your table. A large, fried pig's head is served on a wood slab, and you have the honor of wrapping the different pieces into a tortilla. 

Berkshire Pig Head Carnitas {CBD Provisions Facebook Photo}

CBD Provisions is a good example of why downtown Dallas is making a comeback. With a great bar, relaxed atmosphere and impressive interior design, locals and guests of The Joule alike can see for themselves why this popular restaurant has earned several awards around town.

CBD Provisions {Official Website}

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