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Cocktail Hour is a Hit at Truluck's

04.23.2015 by: Jo Firth
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When you’re in the mood for great seafood in Dallas, Truluck’s is known to be an ideal choice. The popular steak and seafood house has been around for a while, but has a completely new look housed in it's new location. Thanks to their beautifully updated bar and lounge, it’s now the perfect place to head for happy hour.

The new Truluck's features two stories, Downtown views, and a beautiful lounge and bar. 

From 5:00 to 6:30 every Monday through Friday, Truluck’s opens its doors for their Cocktail Hour in the Stone Crab Lounge. While the name may sound ritzy, the actual experience is relaxed and enjoyable, with half-priced drinks and appetizers that practically guarantee a good time. Truluck’s is already known for making good cocktails, and this doesn’t change during Cocktail Hour. Their bartenders pour generously, and with prices starting at around $6 per delicious drink, it’s easy to justify having a few. When paired with their enticing assortment of appetizers, you have a winning combination sure to lift your spirits after a long day at work.

The cocktail menu at Truluck’s is lengthy, and it’s difficult to go wrong with any selection. They offer every kind of cocktail you can imagine, from delicious martinis to liquor-based elixirs to sweet and bubbly wine concoctions. If you're a liquor-lover try The Lemon Hat, one of their more popular cocktails. It deliciously combines Tanqueray with Pellegrino Limonata to yield a sweeter, citrus-based version of the classic gin and tonic. Don’t be shy in choosing the classic, though, because Truluck’s Gin and Tonic – dubbed “The” Gin and Tonic – is better than most thanks to the addition of fresh cucumber.

The Lemon Hat is sweet, tart, and delicious. 

Truluck's serves "The" Gin and Tonic, which adds cucumber for a refreshing twist on a classic. 

If you like wine or champagne in your cocktail, choose The Italian Crush; a delicious combination of Aperol, fresh orange, and Prosecco that offers a refreshing and bubbly way to kick off your happy hour. For a fan of sweet drinks, their Bellini is ideal; it’s light, perfectly peachy, and one of the best you’ll find in Dallas. Or skip the cocktail entirely and order a glass or bottle from their wide variety of wines, which are all kept neatly stored in their floor-to-ceiling glass wine cellar.

Aperol and fresh orange perfectly accent the flavors of Prosecco in The Italian Crush.  

The Bellini at Truluck's is one of the best in Dallas. 

It would be unwise to visit Truluck’s without sampling some of their praised seafood, and their menu of Cocktail Hour appetizers provides the perfect opportunity. Just like their drinks, all appetizers are half-off, which means that you can enjoy a few without breaking the bank. Our favorite is their Baja Ceviche, made fresh and served with fried tortillas perfect for dipping. Their Shrimp Cocktail is another popular choice, but be warned that you’ll probably need to order a couple if you’re sharing. If you’re with a group, just order their perfectly cooked mussels or oysters for the table and dig in.

The Baja Ceviche is just one of many delicious seafood options at Truluck's.

Besides the great drinks and appetizers, what really sets Truluck’s Cocktail Hour apart is the live music they provide every night. Their new lounge features a corner stage that gives diners and drinkers a chance to hear some of Dallas’ best local musicians. Performers usually take the stage midway through Cocktail Hour and continue to play for a while, so feel free to stay for dinner if you’re really enjoying the show.

Cocktail Hour at Truluck’s is busiest toward the end of the week, but it’s still a great place to relax any day. Parking is typically valet-only, so come prepared. While their Cocktail Hour dress code is a bit more casual than usual, we’d still suggest you leave the flip-flops and shorts at home; most patrons come directly from work, so expect a business-casual crowd. Whether you’re there for the drinks, the food, or the show, it’s sure to be a happy hour you’ll enjoy.
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