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Comforting Italian at Nonna

06.26.2015 by: Allison Turpin
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Nonna means grandmother in Italian, which is a fitting name for the cozy restaurant in Dallas that serves such amazingly authentic Italian cuisine. The space is small and comfortable with dim lighting, a bar, and minimal decorations. It is a fitting and pleasant setting for some of the very best Italian food you will find in Dallas.

Guests linger over glasses of Italian wine and seasonal food in the tiny main dining room next to a beautiful wood fire oven. The menu changes daily as ingredients become available and the menu can usually be found around 5:00pm on the Nonna website. It is a restaurant with not many seats but many loyal followers, so reservations are definitely recommended.

The menu is organized very much like a true meal in Italy, with antipasti, pizza, pasta and entree courses. Everything is handmade, and it will be very difficult to choose just a few dishes.

Each table is greeted with a bowl of marinated olives and puffed pizza dough that has bubbled, crusted, and been salted to perfection. A fair warning: it is addicting.

All of the pasta dishes are served in smaller portions, but you can pay extra for an entree size. The pasta is noticeably handmade, cooked to the perfect al dente state, and ladled with just the right amount of vibrant sauce and toppings.

Tortellini al ragu Napoletana had delicate pillows of pasta, stuffed with cheese, atop a meaty, salty sauce.

Pasta purses shaped like taffy coated in a light, tangy tomato sauce.

Entrees are portioned well and options include several offerings of meat and fish, all unique and technically cooked perfectly. The chef pays close attention to flavor profiles, combining all elements into one harmonious main dish.

A giant pork chop was cooked to juicy perfection and served with salty polenta and greens. The combination of flavors was delicious and the pork was truly succulent.

Nonna is a classic that should be on everyone's list of favorite Dallas restaurants. You can go on any day, and there will always be something new and seasonal to try. It is unpretentious quality through and through, and we can't wait to go back to see what is on the menu that night.

{Nonna official website}

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