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Cow Tipping Creamery is Dreamy

07.22.2016 by: Becca Kouser
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Cow Tipping Creamery is a one-of-a-kind ice cream shop that offers more than just a simple soft serve cone. The decadent creations here take ice cream to a new level. Located in Lakewood next door to Goodfriend Burger and Beer Garden and inside of Good 2 Go Taco, the Cow Tipping Creamery stand has ample seating both indoors and outdoors. It's the perfect spot to grab a cold treat and hang out for a bit.

Relaxing vibes all around

{Photo courtesy of Cow Tipping Creamery's Facebook Page}

"Gimmie S'More" Stacker is a dream.

The "Brownie & Cookie'Doh" Stacker combines two classic flavors.

As you can see from the pictures, Cow Tipping Creamery earns an A+ on creating Instagram-worthy treats. Their signature item is a stacker, similar to a sundae. The tempting toppings are mixed in or stacked between layers of delicious soft serve. You'll find classic stackers that never change as well as a weekly special.

On our visit, we tried two regularly available flavors: the Gimmie S'More and Brownie & Cookie'Doh. With layers of hand-toasted marshmallows, semi-sweet chocolate chips, molasses graham crackers and dark chocolate sauce, the Gimmie S'More is everything you love about the classic campfire treat, plus creamy soft serve.

Mixing triple fudge brownie chunks, brown sugar chocolate chip cookie dough, cocoa cookie crumbs and hot fudge sauce with your choice of soft serve, the Brownie & Cookie'Doh stacker is a classic indulgence. It's like a fresh version of Ben & Jerry's Half-Baked. What more could you ask for?

The weekly special was "Three Broomsticks Inn" -- a butterscotch delight.

Creativity is essential at Cow Tipping Creamery, and we were ecstatic to find that the stacker of the day was called "Three Broomsticks Inn," a Harry Potter themed flavor! This heavenly blend combined butter beer soft serve with butterscotch drizzle, gingersnap crumbs, and brown butter butterscotch brownie chunks. This stacker was a butterscotch lover's dream. We devoured ours and contemplated getting a pint to-go since this stacker was only a weekly special. If you aren't feeling the offerings or prefer to stick to a simple combination, the option to create your own is available.

While the stackers are famous, there's much more to Cow Tipping Creamery. They also serve shakes, signature floats, signature cones and to-go pints and stackers. In other words, get your ice cream any way you like it!

Before visiting, it's a good idea to check their social media channels to see the featured stacker and available flavors. Is it too soon to make another visit? We don't think so when the ice cream is this good!

{Cow Tipping Creamery's Official Website} 

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