Crispy Pizza and Smooth Drinks Await at Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar

08.25.2016 by: Alec Morovitz
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Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar serves artisan pizzas and crafted drinks using the best ingredients available. Located in the sprawling Design District, this gem is dedicated in its pursuit to serving the best pizza in Dallas.

The Pie Tap Gin & Tonic uses lemon, pink peppercorn, and rosemary to highlight the floral undertones of the gin. 

If you love floral flavors, then the Pie Tap Gin & Tonic is a must-have. This concoction is perfect for either recharging after a day at work, or for gearing up before a night out. Unlike many Gin & Tonics, this drink uses rosemary - creating a sweet aroma with each sip from the glass. 

The Spiedini uses skewers of prosciutto, fontina, and arugula to create an Italian treat. 

If you are looking for an appetizer for your meal, or a dish to pair with your cocktail, then order the Spiendini. Featuring skewers packed with flavor, this salty and cheesy dish rivals the pizza for best item on the menu. Additionally, this Italian delicacy is a hard to find treat in Dallas, making Pie Tap's Spiedini an even sweeter dish.  

Pie Tap ages its pizza dough for over ninety-six hours, creating both a healthier and tastier pie

The Margherita pie is both an Italian staple and a local favorite. Featuring fresh mozzarella, basil, sea salt, and Texas EVOO, this pie highlights the best part of Pie Tap's pizzas - quality, flavorful ingredients. While many restaurants serve a Margherita pizza, Pie Tap Pizza's incredible, garlic crust separates itself from other competitors. 

The Brooklyn Blackout Cake is the chocolate lover's delight. 

A visit to Pie Tap is not complete without trying the Brooklyn Blackout Cake. Featuring layers of chocolate drizzle in between layers of chocolate cake and a side of cream, this dessert is the richest treat on the menu. 

Pie Tap has a killer happy hour Monday through Friday from 3 pm to 6 pm featuring half price tap beer and tap wine. To save your seat during peak hours, reserve a table online. For the best pizza in the Design District, look no further than Pie Tap Pizza Workshop + Bar. 

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