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Crushcraft Thai Street Eats First Look

02.19.2014 by: Allison Turpin
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Newly opened Crushcraft Thai Street Eats is situated in an ideal location in the Quadrangle and is quickly becoming popular. Renowned chef Paul Singhapong teamed up with chef Jack Nuchkasem to create an authentic, casual Thai restaurant that stays open late enough to satisfy those late night cravings and opens early enough for a work day lunch. The small menu is full of affordable, tantalizing dishes. With everything being made from scratch and traditional methods being used to prepare it, you can't go wrong for lunch, dinner or a late night snack. 

Colorful ribbons create a mesmerizing interior architectural element under the giant skylight

The interior itself is an artistic nod to a street Thai market. Wood walls and an open kitchen greet you as you walk to the counter to place your order. After you pass by the spice bar, the room opens up to an uniquely large skylight that is seen through a cascade of fluttering, vividly colored ribbons. The rainbow of colors circles overhead, catching the light, and creating a street fair fantasy land. Outdoor seating is also plentiful and will certainly be popular come spring time.

The menu is divided into categories: "Humble Homies", "Swanky Citizen", and "For Chefs." Each section rises in complexity and adventure, but every entree uses traditional Thai methods to create a delicious homemade dish. We tried the Kra-Pao under the Humble Homies section, and after devouring it, we concluded that the chef has nothing to be humble about. A fried egg topped a mixture of ground pork, veggies and mortar smashed chilies that was served alongside jasmine rice. The pork was seasoned well and the egg created a nice sauce to bring the whole dish together.

Kra-Pao is a combination of ground pork and veggies with a fried egg and jasmine rice

"For Chefs" special with sweet pork loin and sausage, jasmine rice and a light cucumber salad

"For Chefs" is the daily special and changes frequently. The special currently in rotation was pork loin and sausage with a cucumber salad, jasmine rice and a hard-boiled egg all smothered in a sweet tamarind sauce. After the woman at the counter described it to us, we couldn't pass it up. They marinate the pork in star anise and other spices for up to two days, which makes for tender slices of pork that ooze with flavor. When you combine quality meat bathed in a sweet and tangy red sauce coupled with a refreshing cucumber salad, the dish becomes something you don't want to stop eating.

Papaya salad

A great side dish for any of the entrees is the Papaya Salad. Long, thin ribbons of green papaya are soaked in lime juice, tamarind and chilies and provide an acidic complement to any meal. The salad was so refreshing, we would consider coming back just to snack on it.

One of the best things about Crushcraft is how affordable and accessible the food is. Nothing on the menu is more than $8, and the portions are big enough for leftovers but light enough to keep you feeling good about yourself. It's hard to beat fresh, healthy ingredients in a fast and casual setting. Parking is limited around the restaurant, so head to the AMLI Quadrangle parking garage to find a free spot. Crushcraft would be the perfect place for a quick bite to eat on a workday, or to bring a group of friends and relax in the outdoor patio for a weekend dinner party. This new restaurant is authentic and fun with a colorful menu, artistic interior and food you'll be telling your friends about.

Crushcraft Thai Street Eats {Official Website}

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