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Dessert Gets Colorful at Joy Macarons

05.31.2016 by: Jo Firth
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Macarons are a popular treat, and for good reason: they’re colorful, whimsical, and delicious. Joy Macarons is already a local go-to for the treats, and its newest location on Greenville Avenue makes it even easier to enjoy sweet macarons whenever the mood strikes.

To make perfect macarons, you have to get their delicate, flaky consistency just right, and Joy Macarons has it down to a science. They make perfect macarons in a rainbow of flavors ranging from simple Dark Chocolate to savory Pistachio and everything in between.

Joy Macarons makes traditional macarons in a variety of flavors sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. 

Because macarons are bite-sized, the best way to experiment with finding your favorite flavor is to order a variety box. Try a few flavors you know you’ll like, and then branch out by ordering a couple of Joy Macarons’ more inventive flavors. If you just can’t make up your mind, definitely try the Almond, Pistachio, and Chocolate Chip, for starters.

While one macaron is certainly delicious, ordering a variety is the best way to enjoy the sweet treats. 

Joy Macarons doesn’t stop at simply making traditional macarons, however. It’s also known for making top-notch ice cream sandwiches featuring unique, rotating flavor combinations. Standard ice cream sandwiches are certainly delicious, but there’s something magical about the flavor created when you sandwich ice cream between decadent, super-sized macarons. Two rotating flavors in particular are worth trying when they’re available: Cinnamon, and Green Tea Jasmine. The former is sweet and rich, while the latter is tart and refreshing.

The classic ice cream sandwich gets a delicious macaron makeover at Joy Macarons. 

Joy Macarons is open both daily and nightly, meaning you can get your macaron fix all day long. The sweet treats also make wonderful, thoughtful gifts, and you can even order color-coordinated macaron towers for special occasions. So whether you’re just in the mood for a quick snack, or looking for something special to give away, Joy Macarons is the place to go.

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