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03.11.2014 by: Allison Turpin
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Dive Coastal Cuisine is a great neighborhood spot to grab a casual lunch or dinner without sacrificing fresh ingredients or quality food. The menu is extensive enough that it will satisfy everyone in your group, from non-seafood eaters to vegetarians to hard-to-please kids. The crowd at Dive is a mix of business professionals, SMU students and Park Cities moms in their workout attire. It is also a popular place to bring picky eaters because the Kids Menu is healthy and more creative than many other nearby lunch spots.

Dive Ceviche with housemade Plaintain Chips
We started with a favorite, the Ceviche with Plaintain Chips. The ceviche is tangy and acidic from the lime juice but is complemented with sweet mango and a nice bite of red onion. The striped bass is mild and undoubtedly fresh. Served alongside the bite-sized fish are a spicy red sauce and plantain chips for dipping. The thin chips are ultra crispy and dusted with spices. They are a sweet twist on a normal dipping vessel and bring so much more than a plain tortilla chip would bring.
The menu offers many delicious salad options as well. One section lists "Cove Size Salads", which allows for smaller portions and the option to try three different ones. Our favorite is the Kale Salad. The bitter kale is paired with sweet julienned apples and dried cranberries and topped with crunchy pine nuts and salty parmesan cheese. If you really fall in love with one of the cove size salads, like we did, you can make any of the them into a larger entree and add a protein. A great option on the full-sized salads menu, or "Olympic Size Salads," is the Wilted Spinach Salad. The warm bacon vinaigrette slightly wilts the spinach and gently melts the crumbles of goat cheese. Tangy blackberries provide a contrast to the crunch of the curry spiced pecans. The salad is tasty and light and is a great healthy choice that won't weigh you down.

Kale Salad with Ahi Tuna

Wilted Spinach Salad

If you are looking for something more substantial, try one of the wraps,  sandwiches or fish tacos. One of the most popular dishes at Dive is the Seared Ahi Tuna Wrap. A substantial piece of bright pink tuna is wrapped in a spinach torilla with sweet coconut rice, avocado, cucumber and a creamy ginger slaw. The vibrant color of the meaty fish speaks to its superb freshness and the crispy slaw texturally contrasts with the smooth rice and avocado. It can create a mess as you devour it, but it sure is worth it. A more indulgent option that is sure to please is the Panko Fried Cod Fish Sandwich. A light and crispy piece of white fish is sandwiched between a tartar sauce and a tomatillo citrus slaw. The ciabatta bun is chewy and airy and the fish is cooked to flaky perfection. Even though you are indulging in a fried fish sandwich, it is somehow surprisingly light. It is truly a satisfying meal when you add the crisy plaintain chips. 

Panko Fried Cod Fish Sandwich {Dive Website Photo}

Seared Ahi Tuna Wrap {Dive Website Photo}

Peach Hibscus Tea with Lemon and Mint Leaves

Dive is decorated with mid-century poolside furniture, and a nautical theme is evident throughout the decorations and the menu. Large windows allow sunlight to pour in, and the place feels relaxed and open. You place your order at the counter and dine with the Food Network channel playing on the mounted TVs behind you. The food is fresh and deliciously creative, and the price tag reflects that. it is relatively expensive for a casual lunch, but a healthy, satisfied feeling after you eat is sometimes worth a little extra change. You can also place a take-out order, and a few small outdoor tables will let you enjoy the spring weather and sunshine. One unique item is their Iced Tea bar that provides several varieties of teas and accompaniments. We particularly like the Peach Hibiscus TeaBe sure to try Dive the next time you are craving plaintain chips, fish tacos and an iced tea.

Dive Coastal Cuisine {Official Website}

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