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Dude, Sweet Chocolate is More than Sweet

09.03.2015 by: Sarah Edwards
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Looking for a place that can fulfill your craving for dark chocolate? Dying to try the intriguing dish that is “Chocolate Salami”? Look no further than Dallas’ own Dude, Sweet Chocolate. With locations in the Bishop Arts District, on Lower Greenville, and in Fort Worth, no one in DFW should have to miss out on the decadence.

Dude, Sweet offers traditional chocolates, like a chocolate bar, and some not-so-traditional options.

Dude, Sweet is an award-winning chocolatier serving dark chocolate confections along with marshmallows, syrups, and other chocolate-covered items. Chef Katherine Clapner uses unexpected ingredients in each truffle, bar, and toffee. You will find everything from dried fruit, to blue cheese, to porcini mushroom in the ingredient lists. The staff at Dude, Sweet truly takes the experience to the next level. They allow you to sample items before buying them and have extensive knowledge of each item’s flavor profile and ingredients. Don’t be afraid to ask questions at this friendly store!

The Hanoi Fudge is one of the store’s best selling items. The fudge is infused with the strong flavor of vietnamese coffee and filled with tiny pieces of coffee beans give it texture and extra flavor.

Hanoi Fudge perfectly combines dark chocolate and coffee.

If the coffee and chocolate combination sounds too tame, there are many other options. Try the Flower Child with notes of bergamot, jasmine, and orange, or the Laphroaig Truffle made with single malt scotch that is pure smoke and peat.

Chocolate Salami is one of Dude, Sweet's most popular items.

One of Dude, Sweet's signature items is the chocolate salami. Sold in rounds that are reminiscent of cured meat, the chocolate salami contains dark chocolate, pieces of dried fruit, marzipan, cocao nibs, and salt. It is perfect by itself, but would also be a great addition to a fruit or cheese plate. Bring the salami or another Dude, Sweet item to your next potluck; we guarantee it will be a hit!

Chocolate Bark is another unique Dude, Sweet confection.

Dude, Sweet would be a great place to buy gifts for the discerning foodie in your life. They even make gift giving easy with box options that include mini versions of their best selling items. You can buy Dude, Sweet products at any of their three stores, through many partners and retailers, or online.

{Dude, Sweet Chocolate official site}

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