Eight Spots for Late Night Eats

04.04.2017 by: Carly Danner
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Crushcraft Thai Street Eats

The Kra-Pao

If you're looking to spice up your night, then the spicy menu at Crushcraft Thai Street Eats in Uptown is just for you. While they offer a variety of spice levels for each of their plates, the best experience is adding a little kick to each bite. End your night sitting under their colorful indoor patio while chowing down on some coconut curry and drunken noodles. Ordering up a side of Tofu Fries and their Veggie Spring Rolls is a must.

Velvet Taco

The Buffalo Chicken, Texas Burger, and Cuban Pig Tacos

There's a reason Velvet Taco in the Knox/Henderson neighborhood always has a line wrapping the building late at night. Not only is this place the ultimate late night go-to, it is one of the few places in town that you can get gourmet street tacos until 5am on the weekends. Each of their tacos are crafted with different meats, sauces, and vegetables to create tacos that you can't find anywhere else. While you'll want to order just about every taco on the menu, the ultimate standouts are their Angus Brisket Tacos (did someone say cheese encrusted tortilla?) and their Fsh n' Chips Tacos. Should you save any room, their Crispy Tots with a local egg and Red Velvet Cake make for the best side items.

Easy Slider

Sliders, onion rings, and a cold beer

Easy Slider is what late night burger devouring dreams are made of. What started out as a food truck now has its own home in Deep Ellum, making it that much easier to grab a bite of your new favorite burger late into the night (open till 12am on the weekends). They definitely don't lack in slider variations so round up a group of friends and have everyone order different sliders for the table to try. Don't forget to order up plenty of their Loaded Tots to share.

Café Brazil

The Spinach Omelet {Photo Café Brazil Facebook Page}

Café Brazil on Cedar Springs has been a local favorite for some time now. Their ecclectic menu of just about every dish you could imagine and since they are open 24/7, it makes for the perfect go-to spot for a late night bite. From their massive served-all-day breakfast selection that includes the most delicious plate of french toast to their award-winning grilled cheese sandwiches and coffee bar, this spot has something for everyone.

Shell Shack

Plate of Calamari {Photo Shell Shack Facebook Page}

Sometimes you get a late night craving for seafood and thankfully that's where Shell Shack in Uptown comes to save the day. This fun joint is nestled right in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Uptown nightlife, making it the perfect late night hangout to indulge in raw, boiled, and fried seafood. Throw on one of their bibs and get to chowing down on a bucket of crawfish. They even offer their boiled seafood "Uptown Style" where they do all the work for you by de-shelling everything so you can spend less time cracking and more time snacking. Their Plano location is open late too if you're partying in the 'burbs.


Thai-inspired Mussels

It's usually impossible to find fine dining options late into the night, which makes Gemma in the Knox/Henderson area that much more special. This California-coast inspired restaurant is serving up New American dishes until 1am each night (excluding Mondays). Gemma makes for the perfect late-night bougie experience with their trendy vibe and decor. Their menu provides a variety of options from both land and sea including grass-fed beef tartare, fresh market fish, and ceviche. They also have more exotic items like fried Texas quail, duck, and braised rabbit if you're so inclined to indulge.

Greenville Avenue Pizza Company

A slice of pepperoni pizza and a caesar salad {Photo GAPCo Facebook Page}

Sure, there are plenty of pizza spots open late at night, but Greenville Avenue Pizza Company on Lower Greenville is something to write home about. This late night joint is known for their crispy East Dallas crust and their pizza crack seasoning - a local favorite that they began selling due to such high demand. While pizza fans start to flood this spot as the night moves on, it is definitely worth the wait. Start with an order of their Pizza Crack Fries or Toasted Rav, then opt for a personal slice of 'za or order up a large pie to split with friends.

The Halal Guys

Chicken, Gyro & Falafel Platter

The guys over at The Halal Guys on Oak Lawn sure know how to cook up some delicious eats for when you have a late night craving for Middle Eastern flavor. From the packed-to-the-brim platters of meats, pita, and veggies to their Texas-sized sandwiches that require two hands to eat, you'll surely leave this place satisfied for the night. Be sure to make some room for their delicious hummus and some extra room for their warm baklava. They also have a Richardson location that stays open until 2am on the weekends to serve up those late night bites to suburbanites.

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