Enjoy Quaint Quaffs and Cones at Prohibition Creamery

08.10.2016 by: Tom Harris
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Prohibition Creamery occupies a quaint and easy-to-overlook converted house on East Austin’s 7th Street. Although it also offers cocktails and nitrogenated cold brew coffee, its main calling card is spiked ice cream, featuring flavors like pineapple tequila sorbet and tiramisu. Alcohol-free ice cream is also available, along with an array of milkshakes and floats. This location adds a welcome sweet option to an area dominated by bars, coffee shops, and food trucks.

Prohibition peeking out from behind some oaks

During a recent outing, we paired the bourbon ice cream with a scoop of Peach and the Whiskey Chocolate with a dollop of Ginger-Caramel Brown Sugar.

Ginger-Caramel Brown Sugar on the left, Peach on the right

Of the boozy ice creams sampled, the liquor was most evident in the Bourbon Scoop, with classic rounded butterscotch/vanilla notes associated with Knob Creek distinctly present. The liquor took a back seat in the Whiskey Chocolate scoop, which was dominated by an intensely deep and rich cocoa flavor. All told, the Whiskey Chocolate was the unanimous favorite.

Whiskey Chocolate peeks out from under the Ginger-Caramel Brown Sugar scoop. The star of the show.

One might expect the booziness of these ice cream flavors to be pronounced. Blessedly, this was not the case. The pours in Prohibition’s laced lickables are just heavy enough to gesture towards the liquor’s flavor without adding any alcohol-driven bite or warmth. (This is a very good thing.)

An extra scoop of Peach all on its delicious lonesome

On the straight-and-narrow side of the menu, a Peach scoop harmonized with the Bourbon nicely, these two classic Southern flavors combine to create an unusual complexity. The Ginger-Caramel ice cream was very delicate and didn’t stand out against the Chocolate Stout boldness, but not much could, really.

Prohibition's cute interior

Ultimately, Prohibition serves the area well, providing a cool spot to grab a drink before dinner or a sweet scoop after. 

Prohibition Creamery Official Website

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