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Enjoy Scratch-Made Southern Fare at Whistle Britches

09.02.2016 by: Jo Firth
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At Whistle Britches Chicken, fried chicken and biscuits go best with beer and hospitality. The quaint North Dallas restaurant prides itself on a menu full of inventive home-style dishes that pay homage to the vibrant flavors of the South. From classic plates to inventive open-faced sandwiches, Whistle Britches offers a variety of options fit for any appetite.

Beyond the expansive selection of entrees, Whistle Britches’ menu also features a small sampling of house specialty cocktails that are sure to please. The Son of a Peach, which boasts a flavorful blend of peach moonshine, ginger liqueur, fallernum, and lime, is a great choice if you’re looking for something refreshing. The Pink Lady is another popular hit, thanks to its balanced combination of bubbly, gin, and fruity flavors.

The Son of a Peach and Pink Lady, respectively, are killer cocktails with sweet Southern flair. 

At Whistle Britches, there’s no need to enjoy a cocktail on an empty stomach, because the menu boasts a tempting collection of appetizers that are worth ordering to share. The Chargrilled Chicken Wings are a particularly tasty choice, and the plate is large enough to enjoy with friends, or to treat as a meal if you’re so inclined.

Chargrilled Chicken Wings make for a delicious appetizer, but are also large enough to enjoy as an entree.

For a more traditional appetizer, order the Deviled Farm Eggs, which taste just as delicious as they look. While deviled eggs may seem like a simple appetizer, Whistle Britches’ recipe packs a flavorful punch that will set your meal off on the right foot. The Three Cheese Mac is another tasty and versatile option that can be enjoyed as a precursor or side to any other dish on the menu.

The Deviled Eggs at Whistle Britches give the classic dish a stylish and flavorful upgrade. 

Whistle Britches' Three Cheese Mac is everything you dream of when you think of mac n' cheese. 

When it comes to the main course, Whistle Britches does a great job of creating some inventive menu items that pay homage to tradition while still leaving room for culinary creativity. The Auntie Louann sandwich is one such creation; it’s a gigantic, open-faced concoction that has to be seen to be believed. Trust us when we say it’s delicious, and don’t be surprised if you have to save some for finishing later at home.

The Auntie Louann sandwich is full of flavor big enough to match its massive size. 

Whistle Britches is quickly becoming a hotspot in North Dallas, which means that snagging a table might require a wait during peak hours. For best results, beat the crowds by planning an early-morning or late-afternoon visit on the weekends, or stop by on a weeknight to guarantee a speedier dinner. But even if you do show up on a crowded day, know that the meal you’ll get is worth the wait.

{Whistle Britches Official Site} 

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