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Eureka: Dinner Worth Discovering

04.05.2016 by: Jo Firth
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Eureka is already an established restaurant known for serving delicious burgers, brews, and craft cocktails. It offers everything Dallasites look for in a good restaurant: a sprawling patio, a lengthy drink menu, and a food menu boasting a variety of tempting dishes. Thanks to its laid-back ambiance, it’s the perfect place for grabbing anything from a quick drink to a full multi-course meal with friends, colleagues, and everything in between.

When you visit, start with the drink menu. You’ll be faced with a tough choice to make, because Eureka offers a sprawling selection of craft beers, artful cocktails, and other elixirs. For something classic, try a Sazerac; because Eureka prides itself on also offering a variety of whiskeys, you can truly pick your poison and have the historic cocktail tailored to your tastes. The Rosemary’s Ruby Red is another solid choice, thanks to a refreshing, balanced blend of gin, rosemary, grapefruit, and citrus. You can also order pours of artisan spirits, including entire flights devoted to whiskey tasting. Eureka truly offers something to satisfy every drinker. 

The Sazerac and Rosemary's Ruby Red, respectively, are both delicious cocktails that appeal to different drinking styles.

The food menu at Eureka is no less satisfying; it’s filled with tantalizing dishes that all pay homage to classic, American favorites. For starters, the Truffle Cheese Fries are an ideal appetizer. They’re salty, savory, and served with a truffle cheese sauce that you’ll wish came with everything. 

The Truffle Cheese Fries at Eureka are the perfect appetizer for sharing with a few friends.

The Smoked Chicken Nachos are another delectable choice, and they really stand out compared to other nachos thanks to a house-made black bean “schmear” that adds flavorful depth to the dish. Although they’re a perfect starter for sharing, they’re also sizable enough to be a meal, or the perfect snack to go with a happy hour drink. 

Eureka really kicks nachos up a notch by adding a variety of craft salsas and a house-made black-bean "schmear."

Don’t forget about burgers, however; Eureka is known for crafting some truly delicious burgers, and they’ve got a variety to choose from. The Jalapeno Egg Burger is outstanding, and perfect for anybody who likes a little kick. The Bison Burger is another delicious choice, and it comes topped with a jalapeno jam that still adds a little zest. No matter which burger you choose, it’s practically impossible to go wrong. 

The Jalapeno Egg Burger is nothing short of satisfying, but that's because practically every burger on the menu is delectable.

If you manage to save room, Eureka also offers a variety of desserts, or you can always enjoy another drink to polish off your meal. It’s a great place for social drinking and dining, so snag a spot on the patio and enjoy an after-dinner drink with some conversation. Note that it gets particularly busy on weekends, and its prime location in Uptown can make parking tricky, so plan accordingly and you’ll be ready for a wonderful visit. 

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