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Experience Open-Concept Dining at Cedar Grove

08.31.2016 by: Jo Firth
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Dallas is known for being home to a plethora of unique restaurants that aren’t afraid to try new things, and Cedar Grove is no exception. The imaginative new addition to Oak Lawn offers a menu full of farm-to-table delicacies that are served inside of an open-concept dining area that mimics a “modern forest.” And while the idea of sharing tables with total strangers might seem unusual at first, it’s certainly worth trying, especially when you get to enjoy the added bonus of a delicious meal.

The unique open-concept seating at Cedar Grove uses a forest of modern, sculpted trees to separate tables into sections.

When you arrive at Cedar Grove, you’ll immediately be immersed in a world of sparse, modern décor. Stark white trees separate long tables into sections, and dim lighting creates an ambiance that’s best enjoyed with a cocktail. The drink menu has plenty of options to choose from, and two in particular – the Flower Power and Shrubbery – are house standouts worth ordering.

Cedar Grove's drink menu is lengthy and full of wonderful options, but the Flower Power and Shrubbery are two selections that are sure to please. 

But Cedar Grove doesn’t just offer delicious drinks; the menu is also bursting with a variety of food options that will suit any taste. The dishes are designed to facilitate social dining, which means that sharing is encouraged. And with plenty of tempting options to choose from, the hardest decision you’ll make is deciding which items to order.

For something unique, try the Smoked Tuna Tartare. It’s not your typical tuna tower, thanks to the addition of smoke that creates a flavor combination unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. The tableside presentation adds an extra flourish, which makes this dish a great choice if you’re looking to start some conversation over a shared plate.

The Smoked Tuna Tartare is certainly unique, but its complex flavor is worth trying if you're a fan of smoky dishes. 

The Country Ham Pimento Cheese is another delicious option, thanks to a house-recipe that blends savory ham into the cheesy spread we all know and love. This tasty appetizer comes served alongside a generous helping of bread and seasoned kettle chips, which makes it a great option for larger groups. But don’t be afraid to order it for two people, because the flavor combination is surprisingly addictive.

The Pimento Cheese at Cedar Grove is top notch, thanks to the addition of savory ham and house-pickled veggies. 

For the main course, the Prime Chateau Tail is the way to go. Between the rustic presentation and the delectable blend of flavors that results from combining seared steak with a sweet pearl onion jam, it’s a solid choice that’s just the right size for sharing. If you can enjoy it and still leave room for dessert, even better, but it’s large enough to quench most appetites.

The inventive addition of a sweet onion jam and tomato butter make the Prime Chateau Tail a delicious plate to share or enjoy alone.  

Cedar Grove is an innovative new concept, which means it’s already getting buzz among local foodies. For best results, book a reservation ahead of time, especially if you’re dining with a large party. Otherwise, just pull up a chair at one of the large tables inside and enjoy the experience of meeting new people over dinner.

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