Favorite Soups in Dallas

01.24.2014 by: Shelly Markey
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When the temperatures dip and there is a chill in the air, there is nothing more satisfying than a great bowl of soup! It warms the soul as well as the body and makes for a perfect light meal when accompanied with some crusty bread on the side. Most of the restaurants on LocalSugar have great options, whether it's on the daily menu or a featured special, and here we are serving up our cold weather faves. It's not to say these are the best soups in their categories (i.e. best tortilla soup, best French onion soup) but our favorite go-to soups when we need a warm liquid "hug".

Tomato Basil Soup at Crudo Wood Fired Taverna

Classic tomato soup has been been enjoyed for generations whether it's the smooth American classic (Campbells anyone?) or the French and Italian versions that are a little more rustic. Some are tailored to the purists who only want the rich tomato-y flavor to shine through and some are garnished with oils or pestos to add additional flavor. We love the Tomato Basil Soup at Crudo Wood Fired Taverna in Frisco. The creamy texture and touch of basil have you saying "yum" with every spoonful.

Tortilla Soup at Maguires Regional Cuisine

There are so many great versions of tortilla soup that we need to have this as a future category in and of itself. The Tortilla Soup at Maguires Regional Cuisine is not necessarily the best tortilla soup in town per se but it is one of our favorite soups that happens to be tortilla.  Tortilla soup is personal-do you like brothy? Thick? Tomato-y? Spicy? The reason we love this soup is the delicious flavor, creamy consistency and the yummy toppings of cheese, avocado and tiny tortilla strips-perfect to fight that cold snap!

Black Bean Soup at Lazaranda Modern Kitchen & Tequila

Another south of the border favorite is the classic black bean soup, and our favorite rendition is found at Lazaranda Modern Kitchen & Tequila in Addison. This is a creamy black bean and chipotle blend and it's topped with tortilla strips, pasilla pepper and panela cheese cubes-a Mexican cheese similar to mozzarella. If you don't have time for lunch, stop in and get it to go and enjoy it later by a warm fire.

Marshmallow Soup at Rise no 1 {Rise no 1 Photo}

No, the Marshmallow Soup at Rise no 1 is not made with marshmallows. It's named for the pillowy goat cheese souffles that float on the top and resemble the puffy confections. Intriguing name aside, this little cup of soup packs a lot of flavor starting with a tomato bisque, topped with the goat cheese souffles and a drizzle of pesto. Magical!

Grilled Chicken Creamy Masa Soup at Jaspers {Jasper's Photo}

This soup has been a long time favorite since Jaspers brought it to Plano more than 10 years ago. The dry ingredients come out in a shallow bowl, then the warm, thick broth is poured over it at tableside. Corn, black beans, chicken and fresh cilantro are among the ingredients in this spicy favorite.

Onion Soup Gratinee at Cadot

Who can resist a piping hot crock of onion soup with that golden bubbling cheese crown! The flavor of the carmelized onions, beefy broth and crouton with that delicious gruyere on the top is at its finest at the French gem Cadot Restaurant in Far North Dallas.

Mushroom Soup at The Grape

One of the most famous soups in Dallas is the Mushroom Soup at The Grape on Greenville Avenue and for good reason. The velvety texture, the pure taste of the mushrooms and the hint of sherry and nutmeg have made this iconic soup a favorite of locals and visitors alike for over 30 years. Enjoy as a starter for dinner or with a mimosa at their wonderful Sunday brunch.

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