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Filament Lights up Deep Ellum

01.19.2016 by: Jo Firth
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It’s not unusual to see new restaurants offering “updated Southern cuisine” popping up in DFW; for a city so rooted in its Southern culture, it only seems natural. However, Filament turns the concept on its ear by taking the best parts of traditional Southern cuisine and reworking the way diners enjoy it. Instead of serving heaping plates of classic dishes, the chef at Filament has carefully selected a unique grouping of dishes served in smaller portions, which gives diners the unique opportunity to sample to their heart’s content.

Before you even think about ordering food, though, any savvy diner will take a moment to admire Filament’s lengthy whiskey and wine list. Their menu puts others’ to shame, and any whiskey or wine enthusiast will be in heaven. For those who like a mixed drink, their cocktail menu is just as enticing. We recommend trying the Whiskey Smash, which boasts a smooth combination of bourbon, mint, sugar, and lemon.

The Whiskey Smash is a perfect cocktail for any whiskey afficionado. 

Another wonderful cocktail at Filament is simply called The Vodka Cocktail, which features citrus vodka blended with grapefruit, ginger, and angostura, served over crushed ice. The concept is simple, but the flavor is perfectly light and refreshing.

The Vodka Cocktail is a go-to selection for anybody seeking a drink that's both refreshing and palate-pleasing

Because the plates are smaller at Filament, you should definitely start your meal with an appetizer. The Ember-Roasted Onion Dip is a perfect choice if you’re sharing, and it comes topped with fried onion strips and served with house-fried potato chips for dipping. It may not be great for diners on a diet, but it will certainly please your appetite.

The Deviled Shrimp and Crab is another wonderful starter. It’s served like a dip as well, but offers a completely different flavor than the Onion Dip. It’s rich and light at the same time, and just filling enough to tide you over until the main course. We recommend that you order both appetizers if you’re eating with friends, because they complement one another as the perfect way to kick off a great social dinner.

Seafood-lovers, rejoice; the Deviled Shrimp and Crab is an ideal appetizer for sharing with friends. 

The dinner selection at Filament is unique; many of the dishes are more “traditional” Southern-style plates, but there are quite a few uncommon listings as well. It’s worth noting that they’re all smaller portions than you’ll see at other restaurants, which encourages sampling a few. One great choice is the Wood-Grilled Octopus, which comes freshly-charred to perfection and served alongside potato salad and crispy dehydrated cornbread. For any kind of seafood fan, it’s definitely worth a try.

The Wood-Grilled Octopus is a unique, albeit delicious dish that really highlights Filament's original style. 

For something more traditional, try the Heritage Berkshire Short Ribs. They’re served with a “Carolina Treet” barbecue sauce, and topped with crushed peanuts that add a nice crunch. You may think that all ribs are the same, but these are sweet and spicy in the best way, and are the perfect way to round out your meal with a filling plate.

The Heritage Berkshire Short Ribs are tender and full of flavor, thanks to a special "Carolina Treet" sauce. 

Although the portions are intentionally smaller, you’ll be surprised at how filling the food at Filament can be. However, if you do manage to save room for dessert, take a look at their menu, which features a sampling of Southern-style pies, cakes, and crisps that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. If that doesn’t sound appealing, then you’ve always got the drink menu to fall back on; a good after-dinner drink never hurt anyone, anyway.

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