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French Fare at the Charming Le Bilboquet

11.22.2016 by: Alec Morovitz
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If you find yourself craving French food, Le Bilboquet needs to be your next destination. Named after the iconic French toy, Le Bilboquet serves delicious traditional French cuisine, and the pleasing ambiance is a major draw as well. While I visited during lunch, the dinner menu features French classics such as escargots and duck a l'orange. Located in the Knox/Henderson area, this gem is reminiscent of the streetside bistros in France. 

While best known for its French cuisine, Le Bilboquet offers surprisingly decadent seafood. The Smoked Salmon appetizer is currently an off-the-menu feature and pairs wonderfully with a glass of white wine. Served in a tower format, the Crab and Avocado Salad is another fresh and appealing starter. Either of these could also serve as a light meal.  

This off-the-menu treat features guacamole, capers, red onions and a plentiful portion of smoked salmon. 

Receiving rave reviews, the Crab and Avocado Salad is a staple at Le Bilboquet. 

While the seafood is great, perhaps Le Bilboquet's best known dish is the Cajun Chicken. Chicken may sound boring, but don't write this one off. The chicken is juicy and is covered in cajun spices and a buttery beurre blanc sauce -- a heavenly blend. It has garnered the attention of many Dallas food critics, and understandably so. Simply put, it is hard to mention Le Bilboquet without talking about the Cajun Chicken. 


The Cajun Chicken comes in both lunch and dinner portions (lunch portion pictured above). 

The profiteroles make a sweet end to a delicious meal with chocolate, powdered sugar, a crisp pastry exterior, and a cool, sweet interior. Like any great dessert, the contrasting textures and various flavors create a decadent experience.  

For a late night treat, pair the profiteroles with a cappuccino and savor the night away. 

One of the many reasons for Le Bilboquet's popularity is its captivating atmosphere. Natural lighting, white tablecloths, and an outside awning bring an extra dose of charm to the venue. If you are looking for a beautiful spot to host an event, like a birthday or bridal shower, take a look at one of the many lovely celebrations held here. For groups between twenty and fifty people, the picturesque patio area can be reserved for private dining.

Host a uniquely beautiful event on the patio. {Photo via Le Bilboquet Facebook page}

Le Bilboquet usually has a special menu for occasions like Mother's Day and Valentines Day, and they have also been known to host fun parties for holidays like Halloween and New Year's Eve. As you can probably conclude, this is a popular spot. It's best to make reservations or arrive on the early side of lunch or dinner.

 {Le Bilboquet Official Site}

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