Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill Rocks

05.23.2014 by: Natalie Lomont
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Before my first visit to the Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill {GMBG}, I was honestly prepared for a mediocre experience. Having heard about the restaurant from out-of-towners who watch Discovery Channel's Fast N’ Loud {the eatery is owned by Richard Rawlings, star of the show}, I thought it was a tourist trap for car and bike lovers.  I was planning to take our visitor somewhere I’d been before either in Uptown or the Knox/Henderson area, but he specifically and enthusiastically mentioned the GMBG. In an effort to be good hosts {and with some serious curiosity}, my husband and I went along. We were glad we did!

This cool place is located behind several chain restaurants off Northwest Highway. Yes, the area is unusual and I wouldn’t typically think to venture that way. However, follow the bend of the road and you will see a pond and this neat-looking venue overlooking the water. That’s the Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill. Park in the large lot for free {though valet is available}, walk past the friendly regulars and the plethora of motorcyles that give this place a rad vibe, and step inside. The décor makes for a modernly rustic, Texas-oriented ambiance. It’s clean, spacious, and rockin’.

You can check the large indoor bar or outdoor deck areas for open seating, or see the hostess for dining room seating. The service is consistently friendly and attentive. I was surprised at the diversity of the crowd. We saw families with children, motorcyclists, business men, groups of ladies, you name it.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was the deliciousness they served. Again, thinking it was a tourist trap, I thought the offerings would be your usual plain burger and not much beyond. I was wrong. Now, I wouldn’t go here on a diet, but I would go here to indulge, and I like to indulge. On the GMBG menu, American classics receive gourmet spins while keeping it casual.

Garage Nachos 

The Garage Nachos are Tortilla Chips topped with White Queso, Smoked Gouda, Monkey BBQ Sauce, Romaine, Pickled Jalapeños, Pico de Gallo, Red Onion, and the optional addition of Chicken, Brisket, or Pork. Pictured here is the pork. Oh, and the beer is always really cold, too.

GMBG Brisket Grilled Cheese {Photo GMBG Facebook}

The GMBG Brisket Grilled Cheese features Texas Post Oak Smoked Brisket w/Smoked Cheddar and Gouda Cheeses and Red Onions. It will rock your socks off.

El Jefe Burger

The El Jefé Burger is a wonderful explosion of flavors in your mouth. Cooked-to-order with quality, juicy Chuck, it is served on a fresh butter bun and topped with Onion Jam, Romaine Heart, Pork Rind Fried Jalapeño, Smoked Cheddar, House Bacon, and a Fried Quail Egg. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the french fries are fresh and salty.

Sea Salt & Black Pepper Rubbed Black Angus Brisket {Photo GMBG Facebook}

Sea Salt & Black Pepper Rubbed Black Angus Brisket is a favorite Texas Post Oak Smoked Meat option served with 2 sides of your choice {think 3 Cheese Truffled Mac and Fried Green Beans}. You'll notice all the meals are served in these metal trays; a nice touch in keeping with the restaurant's theme.

We have been here twice, both times completely maxing out our bellies before dessert. That being said, the dessert menu looks awesome with insanely delicious sounding items like the Grilled Banana Split and the Rocky Road Brownie. Next time, we will save room.

If you’re looking to change things up from your usual neighborhood spots, give this place a try. The service is friendly and good, the food is great, and the atmosphere is just plain cool. If you’re one for live music, be sure to check out their calendar. Though we didn’t go for the music, the concerts seem to draw big crowds for the restaurant.

Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill {Official Website}

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