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Get Whisked Away in Oak Cliff

02.09.2016 by: Sarah Edwards
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Crepes: the pancake’s French cousin. Filled with savory ingredients like cheese, turkey, eggs, and herbs, they make a delicious meal any time of day. They can also be a sweet ending to a meal with fruit, nut butters, and a dusting of powdered sugar. You can find savory and sweet crepes at Whisk Crepes Cafe at Sylvan30. This little spot is a gem in Oak Cliff serving only crepes and doing a marvelous job of it.

A savory bacon, egg, and cheese crepe being made on the griddle.

When you order your crepes at the counter, don’t forget to check out the daily specials written on the wall in front of you. The special savory crepe when we visited was brisket with classic barbeque fixings and a barbeque cream. A perfect combination of Texas and Paris! The visible kitchen is a fun aspect of the restaurant , allowing you to watch your crepes being prepared. Start with an espresso or cappuccino and let the bitter coffee enhance the flavors of your crepe.

Espresso or coffee are a perfect pairing with any crepe.

Whisk offers classic combinations as well as ones you are not likely to find in France. The menu has great suggestions for both sweet and savory crepes, but you can also build your own. We made one savory crepe with chicken, eggs, cheese, arugula, and onion. The classic buckwheat batter was the perfect base for the bold flavors of this brunchy crepe. No matter what ingredients you choose, you cannot go wrong when you wrap them up together in a crepe.

We chose our own filling for this buckwheat crepe.

One of the savory options on the menu at Whisk is this prosciutto and cantaloupe crepe.

Although crepes are French, we chose a second crepe with the classically Italian pairing of prosciutto and cantaloupe. It was as delicious as it was beautiful! The fresh, sweet cantaloupe matched perfectly with the salty prosciutto and parmigiano, peppery arugula, hazelnuts, and drizzles of honey, balsamic vinegar.

A strawberry and nutella crepe made for a simple and sweet ending.

We couldn’t leave Whisk without a sweet crepe so we made a simple, very sweet crepe for dessert. Fresh strawberries and melty nutella inside a white wheat flour crepe were the perfect ending to the meal and left us planning our next visit to Whisk.

{Whisk Crepes Cafe Official Site}

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