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Get a Taste of Italian Dessert at Frost Gelato

06.17.2016 by: Alec Morovitz
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If you are thinking of going out for a summer dessert or want to sample a taste of Italy, head to  Frost Gelato The Italian delicacy offers a refreshing change of pace from the everyday dessert, especially in the Texas heat.

With over twenty different flavors to choose from, deciding which creamy selection to enjoy can be difficult. Some gelato aficionados believe the traditional Italian dessert is best shared, while others, and understandably so, prefer to savor the dessert all to themselves. Whichever school of thought you come from, Frost has you covered with a range of sizes that includes one, two, or even three different flavors of gelato. 

Frost uses fresh fruit, juices and purified water in their sorbets to create a refreshing, high quality treat. {Photo courtesy of Frost Gelato's Instagram} 

With so many types of gelato, the best way to get a true taste of Italy is to order multiple flavors. From mint chocolate chip and cappuccino to stracciatella and roasted almond, Frost Gelato features an array of flavors that will pique anyone's taste buds.

Try a variety of gelatos to find your favorite flavor! (From Left to Right: Roasted Almond, Stracciatella, Cappuccino, Mint Chocolate Chip)

Aside from taste, gelato further differentiates itself from ice cream based on nutritional value. Overall, gelato has less calories and less fat than ice cream. This is because gelato uses significantly less air. There is up to 20% in gelato compared to 75-100% in ice cream. In addition, there is less butterfat -- as little as 3% in gelato and up to 20% in ice cream.   


Gelato is a healthy alternative to ice cream — it has both less calories and fat per serving. {Photo courtesy of Frost Gelato's Facebook}  

This gem opens at 11am every day, closing at 10pm during the week and 11pm on the weekends. This allows plenty of time to get your fix! Next time you need a cool summer treat, try Frost Gelato in Preston Hollow

{Frost Gelato Official Site} 

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