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Haymaker May Become Your New Hangout

11.10.2016 by: Jo Firth
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The bustling restaurant scene on Lower Greenville just gained a new addition, and it’s definitely worth visiting. Haymaker, an Austin original that’s putting down new roots in Dallas, is known for serving up hearty sandwiches that embody everything we love about comfort food. But even though the food at Haymaker is delicious, it’s also the perfect place for relaxing with friends, thanks to a huge patio that’s ideal for social drinking and dining.

Whether you’re eating or not, ordering a drink at Haymaker is always worthwhile. There’s a sizable selection of beers to choose from, and with a rotating set of daily drink specials, it’s the perfect place for hitting up happy hour. The cocktails on the menu are equally as tempting, with satisfying options like the Burnt Orange Old Fashioned, which adds a little smokiness to the classic cocktail.

The drink selection at Haymaker is even more tempting when combined with their daily specials.

However, the food at Haymaker isn’t something you want to miss. It’s a place known for serving hearty, simple food, but the flavors you’ll experience are anything but boring. The real winners are Haymaker’s noteworthy open-faced sandwiches, which are all served smothered in a house-recipe Gruyere sauce that will make your tastebuds sing.

The Haymaker, for example, boasts a tantalizing combination of rare roast beef topped with French fries, slaw, tomatoes, and a fried egg. That delicious set of ingredients would be tasty enough alone, but served atop Texas Toast and doused in Gruyere sauce, they form a gigantic sandwich capable of satisfying any diner.

The Haymaker sandwich takes open-faced sandwiches to new heights. 

The Louisville Slugger is another popular sandwich at Haymaker. It features Haymaker’s famous Texas Toast and Gruyere sauce combination, but served with turkey breast, peppered bacon, tomatoes, and parmesan cheese to create yet another deliciously pleasing, open-faced delight. And if one of Haymaker’s gigantic sandwiches isn’t enough to soothe your appetite, there are always hearty sides like Fried Cheese Curds or Poutine to choose from.

Haymaker's signature Gruyere sauce is so good, you'll wish you could buy it by the bottle. 

If you can leave room for dessert, don’t forget to take a peek at Haymaker’s small selection of sweets. The Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich is definitely worth trying, because it features a unique collision of sweet and savory flavors that somehow all end up working well together. And since it comes served in two portions, it’s a great choice if you’re sharing with a friend.

The Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich features a unique combination of flavors that, when combined, create one delicious dessert.

For best results, plan to visit Haymaker when the weather is nice to take advantage of the spacious patio out back. But even if you’re dining inside, it’s still the perfect place for kicking back with a drink, some friends, and some really tasty food.

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