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Japanese Cuisine at Tei Tei Robata Bar

04.17.2015 by: Nicole Harper
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Tei Tei Robata Bar may be located on Henderson, but their authentic Japanese atmosphere and food will take you straight to Japan. The modern and sleek vibe with an open kitchen provides interesting entertainment for hungry patrons. The cuisine leans on the adventurous side, but we like to live on the edge.

A view of the kitchen from the sushi bar

Tei Tei's sake bar is strongly advertised, and for good reason. They offer an expansive selection, but if you're not much of a sake connoisseur, the wait staff is very helpful in guiding customers through the menu. Wine, beer, and cocktails are also served at the bar. 

Two glasses of the Harushika sake

A fresh cucumber cocktail

Now for the main event - their food.  Many of the choices are exotic, but they've all got great flavor. The Beef Tongue on the Rock was a show-stopper. The meat is very tender and served with a soy-based sauce that you can cook to your liking on the rock.  The sashimi platter comes with your choice of fresh fish and the option of fresh wasabi (highly recommended). In addition to the fish, they add some unusual options, like sea urchin, onto the platter. 

Beef tongue on the hot rock

Sashimi platter with assorted fresh seafood

Critters frequent this place. The baby octopus skewers and crabs might be bite-sized, but they are full of flavor. Served with salt and seasoning on the side, they are great for sharing. These tiny treats are also wonderful snacks if you're having a drink at the bar. 

Baby octopus skewers served with salt and seasoning

Fried baby crabs served with salt and seasoning

Tei Tei offers so many specials that we can't list them all here! Check out the calendar on their website and pick your poison. And next time you're in the mood for some foodie adventure, wander into Tei Tei Robata for sake, robata, fresh fish, and other delectable Japanese delights. Tei Tei is open Tuesday-Sunday from 5:30pm until 11:00pm.

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