Killer Sushi at Kazy's Gourmet

06.21.2016 by: Jo Firth
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Sushi is a popular delicacy, but when it comes to good sushi, it’s all about freshness. However, some of the freshest sushi in Dallas isn’t found in a fancy restaurant; it comes from Kazy’s Gourmet, a local fish market that supplies some of the city’s most popular restaurants with high-quality, fresh fish.

Kazy’s is unassuming, but that’s part of its charm. This hole-in-the-wall spot is an authentic Japanese market that stocks only the best ingredients, including fresh fish that’s flown in daily. And although the majority of its space is used as a market, it also features a small eat-in area and a fully functional kitchen where experienced chefs whip up fresh sushi and noodle dishes.

Although Kazy's Gourmet primarily functions as a fish market, it's a secret spot frequented by many local sushi lovers. 

Kazy’s prices are hard to beat, which means that when it’s time to make your sushi selections, the sky’s the limit. The menu features a variety of different sushi rolls, ranging from classics like Spicy Tuna and Philadelphia Rolls to more unique fare. For the best experience, order a variety, and share with friends.

Because Kazy's prices are so great, the best way to dine is by ordering a variety of rolls that appeal to your tastes.

Kazy’s is a great spot for casual dining with a group, because the menu also features a range of noodle dishes that will satisfy even those who don’t enjoy sushi. It’s a place that truly has something to suit every diner. The Chicken Yakisoba, for example, is savory, delicious, and enormous; the portion size is definitely big enough to share. Even better, most dishes can be ordered for carry-out, which means that you can enjoy fresh, authentic Japanese food whenever a craving strikes.

Kazy's may have sushi down to a science, but the menu also features a variety of delicious cooked dishes, like the Chicken Yakisoba. 

However, Kazy’s isn’t just great at making delicious savory dishes; the little market has a sweet tooth as well. For the perfect treat or dessert, try an order of the house-recipe Green Tea Ice Cream. The emerald-colored confection features a perfect balance of sweet and tart flavors, and it’s a great way to finish a meal, but also a wonderful treat on its own.

The Green Tea Ice Cream at Kazy's is absolutely to-die-for, thanks to a house recipe that really sets the dessert dish apart.

Kazy’s is certainly casual and the service is typically pretty quick, which makes it an ideal spot to visit when you’re looking to grab a bite on the go. However, it’s only open till 7 pm Monday through Saturday, so if you’re looking to get your sushi fix for dinner, plan ahead to get there before it closes. Just don’t be surprised when this secret spot for savvy sushi lovers quickly becomes one of your new favorite stops.

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