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Kitchen LTO is Now Open in Deep Ellum!

12.02.2016 by: Jo Firth
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Dallas is known for having a vibrant restaurant culture, which makes it an ideal city for foodies. However, with so many wonderful restaurants to choose from, it can be difficult for up-and-coming chefs to make their mark. Kitchen LTO provides a creative solution that allows Dallas diners to experience the work of some of the city’s finest chefs in a unique permanent pop-up setting in Deep Ellum.

The concept behind Kitchen LTO is simple: twice a year, a new featured chef rotates through the ranks by taking over the kitchen and delivering a signature menu of drinks and dishes for both brunch and dinner. For six months, that chef’s menu reigns, and a featured artist sets the ambiance of the space. “LTO” stands for “limited time only,” and diners truly have a limited time to experience each unique chef and artist pairing. However, Kitchen LTO has been a launch-pad for some of Dallas’s most talented chefs, so it’s the perfect place for diners to discover their new favorite chef to follow.

Currently, Chef Josh Harmon is in charge at Kitchen LTO, and his menu of Progressive American dishes is certainly worth trying before time runs out. We recommend visiting for brunch, because LTO’s new Elm Street location is perfectly suited for social day-drinking. With that in mind, be sure to start your visit by ordering a cocktail, such as The Long Good-Bye, an elegant gin-based elixir with a balanced hint of citrus and chartreuse.

Order The Long Good-Bye or a Mimosa to take full advantage of Kitchen LTO's brunch offerings. 

Don’t skip on starters simply because it’s brunch; Chef Harmon’s House Drop Biscuits are something you definitely don’t want to miss. Combine those with an order of his Duck Fat Fried Pecans for ultimate snacking pleasure, especially if you’re sharing with friends.

Cheesy, flaky Drop Biscuits are the perfect start to any meal. 

Duck Fat Fried Pecans may not sound like a typical appetizer, but they're deliciously savory and surprisingly addictive. 

Chef Harmon’s brunch menu is split into sections based on flavor profiles, both sweet and savory. If you’re in the mood for a sweet meal, definitely order the Bread Pudding French Toast, which comes served with a salted cream that balances out the sweetness of the dish to a perfect degree.

French Toast is always a wonderful choice, but the Bread Pudding French Toast currently on the menu at LTO is top-notch. 

For fans of savory fare, the Deviled Salmon on Rye is the way to go. Chef Harmon’s inventive twist on the classic salmon and cream cheese combo results in a complex yet balanced dish that will leave any diner pleasantly full and satisfied.

The Deviled Salmon on Rye is one of Chef Harmon's signature savory selections. 

Currently, just over five months remain until a new chef will take over at Kitchen LTO, so those interested in sampling Chef Harmon’s fare should make a point to do so soon. However, LTO’s impressive collection of alumni ensures that future featured chefs will be just as promising, so don’t limit yourself to visiting just once. If anything, treat it as a unique opportunity to experience the culinary genius of talented local chefs before they move on to even bigger things.

{Kitchen LTO Official Site}

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