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Local Wows All The Senses

12.04.2014 by: Katie Breckenridge
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Deep Ellum may not be at the top of your list of hot spots in Dallas these days, but you'd be remiss not put Local in the #1 slot for your next dinner out. This part of the city is experiencing a major revitalization. Boards and barricades blocked the sidewalk that crosses the doorstep, but the simple and understated sign above the door told us we were in the right spot as we walked up. Once inside, any signs of construction were completely forgotten, as we entered a beautiful mix of modern and retro furnishings, enticing aromas, minimal and intimate lighting, and a low buzz of music and conversation.

Original mural.


Bar area. 

This is a perfect spot for a date night or a place to go with friends you haven't seen in a while, as you don't have to yell over background noise. Booths sit atop rich shag carpets, lit with a single candle or sconce. The menu is just as purposefully simple - just the right amount of choices without being overwhelming.

Those nuts were most definitely an indication of all the goodness to come…I'd go back just for those!

Attention to detail makes Local a standout.

Celery root soup with crispy carrots. 

One such detail was this celery root soup with crispy carrots amuse bouche we were treated to while we waited for our apps. It sounds hum-drum, but it was shockingly delicious. For starters, I sampled the sake-pear martini with the beet salad. They are also known for the fried green beans here - so there's something for everyone.

I'll take that shaken, not stirred! 

Local does not offer a full bar. Instead, it offers a carefully crafted menu of specialty cocktails, wines and beers that compliment the current dishes. Case in point was this martini - great on its own, but took on a completely different taste that was simply amazing when paired with the salad. Each menu item lists the drink that will complement it best, so for a truly wonderful dining experience, order a drink with each course.  

Beet Salad

Red beets with a rich balsamic reduction, goat cheese, greens, and a bit of pecans for crunch…Fantastic! Next, we sampled the special: beef short ribs with sweet potato mash and wilted kale with caramelized onion risotto (to die for!) and broccolini for sides.

Seasonal special: beef shortribs with sweet potato mash and wilted kale. 

Caramelized Onion Risotto - heavenly! 

As you can see, portion sizes were perfect - not large but definitely didn't leave you wanting for more. I paired it with a glass of the Hook & Ladder Pinot Noir.

Old fashioned sundae with spinkles on top! 

To cap off dinner, I chose the grapefruit-rosemary sorbet and the sundae – both gluten free. The dessert menu also featured lots of seasonal items, such as pears, blackberries, and apples, and a well-curated cheese board. All in all, Local delivers something for all the senses –unique décor, lighting and music, amazing food and drinks, and attentive service. A great reason to visit the "new" Deep Ellum and an excellent choice for gluten free foodies!

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