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Lockhart Smokehouse Opens in Plano

02.25.2014 by: Shelly Markey
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Ahhh-Texas Barbeque! The delicious aroma of the brisket smoking, the ever changing menu as the "Sold Out" signs across the menu appear and the lines-those long lines that wrap around the door with afficianados drooling with anticipation! Such is the experience of visiting some of the most popular BBQ joints in Texas these days and Lockhart Smokehouse is right in there with the best of them. So wait in line we did; excited to dine at the newest location of Lockhart in Historic Downtown Plano.

Long line of anticipating diners

Interior view of dining area and bar

There's lots of excited chatter among those in line, waiting to get in and devour the highly rated barbeque. Some are experienced BBQ fans and rattle off all the iconic Texas spots like Franklin Barbecue in Austin and Pecan Lodge (currently at the Farmers Market but moving soon to Deep Ellum) that they have had the pleasure of visiting. Some are new to the Barbeque craze and are shocked to find such a long line at a new little restaurant in the suburbs. After waiting outside for about 20 minutes we move inside the doors and start our way along the wall, now able to survey the cozy two story interior. An employee makes her way to the end of the line and announces "Out of Pork Chops and Turkey". Grumblings are emitted-after all, the restaurant has only been open for 40 minutes! But we keep moving, looking over the now visible menu and deciding how many items we want to try this time. As we are two customers away from ordering, they shout out "Ribs are gone"! Sigh.

Here's Dinner! Meats wrapped in butcher paper and sides in styro containers

Step up and place your order where they will slice, chop and wrap your meat to your specification. Then add your sides and beverages and balance your goodies on your way to the bar or dining table. Don't forget a trip to the condiment area to pick up pickles, onions and some of that smoky red bbq sauce for dipping. All of the meats are wrapped in butcher paper and is where you will enjoy your meats-no plates here!

Brisket {Lockhart Smokehouse Photo}

Sausage {Lockhart Smokehouse Photo}

Turkey {Lockhart Smokehouse Photo}

The pictures from Lockhart Smokehouse do much more justice to the meats served here than our photos. We are crazy about the brisket and always order a mix of "moist" (fatty) and lean to get that perfect combination. The sausages here come from Kreuz Market in Lockhart, Texas-a cousin restaurant to Lockhart Smokehouse. We tried the Original here in Plano but have had the Jalapeno Cheese at the Bishop Arts location-you can't go wrong with either choice. The ribs offered were the Spare Ribs the day we visited, but sometimes there are Baby Backs or Beef Ribs on occasion. You'll also find Whole and Half Chickens, Pork Chops and Shoulder Clod-a leaner cut with a stronger, beefier flavor.

BBQ Baked Beans

Potato Salad

Jalapeno Mac & Cheese

The sides at Texas barbeque joints are almost as much of a draw as the smokey meats! You will find all the requisite favorites with a little gourmet touch to kick them up a notch. Try the BBQ Baked Beans with chopped brisket and smoked onions, the Smoked Potato Salad tossed in a house dressing and even two choices of creamy Mac & Cheese-regular and Jalapeno.

So jump on board and get in line for some great, smokey barbeque in Plano-it's definitely worth the wait!

Lockhart Smokehouse {Official Website}

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