Lunch With a View at Lark on the Park

01.07.2015 by: Katie Breckenridge
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Whether you’ve made it out to Klyde Warren Park to take in the city views, hear the latest concert, watch your kids play on the imaginative playscape, or you simply find yourself in the Arts District in need of refreshment, you owe it to your tastebuds to mosey on over to Lark on the Park.

Lark on the Park is a New American Bistro situated along the northern edge of Klyde Warren Park just across the street from Savor Restaurant. (So technically, it’s not on the park, it’s across the street from the park.) Here, it’s not only the views of the city you’ll enjoy; the views inside are just as great, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows that run on the wall next to the street, chalk pictures along the ceilings that change each month and modern furnishings. 

One of several chalk drawings in the restaurant. 

The drawings are re-freshed quarterly by local artists. 

Upon our arrival for lunch, we were seated at a table with a park and patio view. The crowd varied widely. Business lunches with power ties, young 20-somethings catching up over cocktails, and mommy lunch outings spilling over from playtime at the park. Expect it all, and expect to fit in no matter your situation. For dinner, the scene changes a bit and turns a little more upscale, but being on the park lends itself to a more laid back atmosphere regardless of time of day. The menu also changes for dinner, so check the website (link below) for different menus if you’re the type to peruse before you go. 

The food and drink reflect the varied crowd. It’s upscale nonetheless, featuring fresh fare done up right at still affordable lunch prices.


Bar area with fresh herbs and garnishes. Fresh is the name of the game at Lark!

For example, we started with a cheese, olive, and charcuterie board. It was light but had enough options to keep us content and could have made a great app with drinks on its own. As a sufferer of celiac disease, I must be very careful about gluten contamination. The staff was SUPER-KNOWLEDGEABLE about the disease and other diet restrictions and went to great lengths to ask questions of the chefs about ingredients and preparation methods to ensure that I received food that was safe for me to eat. So helpful – and so rare! Be sure to speak up about any food sensitivities with your server so the staff and chef(s) can accommodate you. The burrata cheese included in this board is a standout. If you’ve never had burrata, it’s a cheese made with a mozzarella shell and creamy center…not low-cal, but surely a treat.

Appetizer board - perfect for sharing. 

If you’re coming for lunch and prefer not to drink, the non-alcoholic refreshers are a great choice. They uniquely satisfy a craving lemonade could never hope to come within the realm of. I chose the basil lime option (pictured below). Other choices include the blackberry sage spritz, a strawberry basil cooler, persimmon ginger swing, or draught kombucha – all made with fevertree soda. For those who fancy a libation with lunch – or for drinks with dinner – beer enthusiasts and wine drinkers alike will find something to love between the 18 craft beers and unique wine finds to be had. If a mixed drink is more your bag, the full bar should be able to accommodate your whims. 

Basil Lime Cooler. 

Next, we delved into our main course, the Grilled Wagyu Shortrib Bowl (lunch option). A perfectly fried egg atop beef and bok choy with rice and other veggies – all gluten free – were too tempting to postpone taking a bite of before we took a photo of it! (Note: make sure to say you need a gluten free version, as the beef will be prepared without soy sauce in that case.) For a similar dinner option, try the ever-popular Moo Krob – a Thai pork chop of sorts, which will be served thick-cut, tender, and deliciously seasoned.

This shortrib bowl had so much flavor!

Finally, Lark’s chefs (Dennis Kelly and Melody Bishop) make a point to highlight seasonally available ingredients – especially when it comes to desserts. Maybe it’s their California roots that inspire them…who knows, but the dessert menu seemed to pay homage to nature’s bounty. Case-in-point is the poached pears and blackberries with candied ginger and vanilla bean gelato pictured below. It’s gluten free, which is rare on a dessert menu. If something catches your eye that may have a gluten issue, talk to your server about it to see if they can omit a component or two to make it safe for you!

Desserts come with enough to share, as you can see we are happily doing here!

Visit Lark on the Park online to see the seasonal menu, to make a reservation or to learn more about the current artwork. Valet is available should you desire. 

Lark on the Park Official Website

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