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Magnolias Sous Le Pont is a Coffee Shop with Charm

01.15.2016 by: Becca Kouser
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A coffee shop with charm is what you'll find at Magnolias Sous Le Pont. Nestled at the bottom of an office building and bridge (Magnolias Sous Le Pont is "Under the bridge" in French), you may have passed by before and not noticed it, but once you stumble upon it, you realize this is a true gem.

Exterior of Magnolias Sous le Pont

Beautiful blue and turquoise walls set it apart from the surrounding buildings and makes a perfect photo op spot. Inside is cozy; filled with plush chairs, cheery artwork and a quiet space to work or take a coffee break.

Cozy Interior {Magnolias Sous le Pont Facebook Photo}

Magnolias Sous Le Pont serves a variety of artisanal coffees and teas, pastries, and snacks. They have something for those who prefer their coffee strong, sweet, or you tea lovers out there. We tried the Lavender Latte, one of their most popular hot drinks. The Lavender Latte is perfect for those who like a sweeter latte, comprised of brewed espresso with steamed milk and lavender syrup. If you're a fan of latte art (and who isn't?) simply ask the barista for a beautifully crafted latte for an #InstaLatte photo.

Lavender Latte and Cheese Croissant

The snack selection is delectable - from croissants to muffins and even salads and sandwiches. We nibbled on a cheese croissant and it was hard to not devour. The flaky croissant was filled with a creamy cheese and toasted to perfection.

Side Salad

One of our favorite parts of Magnolias Sous Le Pont is their selection of knick knacks. They have a display of adorable and quirky cards fit for any occasion. Even with no occasions coming up it's hard to pass on these curious cards. As well as cards they also sell small home accessories, leather goods, and even Dude Sweet Chocolate products!

Quirky Cards

Next time you're looking to step out of the office we suggest stopping by the quaint and cozy Magnolias Sous Le Pont for a coffee break. For your weekend caffeine cravings, Magnolias Sous le Pont is now open on Saturdays until 5pm and Sundays until 2pm.

{Magnolias Sous le Pont Official Website}

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