Masami is a Hidden Gem

09.01.2014 by: Becca Kouser
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Richardson sushi staple Masami is the place to go for the highest quality sushi. It's hidden in the west corner of Belt Line Road and Central Expressway, but once you find it, you're sure to become a regular. Masami offers diners everything from sushi and sashimi to traditional Japanese cuisine. Upon entering the small and warm restaurant, you'll find traditional sushi bar seating (our favorite) as well as wooden tables, booths with wooden benches and a tatami private room. With a menu and daily specials as grand as Masami's, it was hard to choose between them all!

Complimentary Cucumber Appetizer 

After being seated at the sushi bar, we were offered the Cucumber Appetizer; cucumbers, red onions and seaweed tossed in special oil sauce and topped with sesame seeds.

House Special #1 Roll

When choosing a roll, it's fun to mix it up and to try something different. A favorite of ours is the House Special #1, a handmade roll filled with salmon, white fish, mayo and the real kicker - wasabi root. This roll is notorious for clearing out your sinuses, as it tends to have a certain kick that will release a wave of heat in just one bite. Other sushi rolls we'd recommend are the Spicy Tuna, Spider, and Dragon rolls. Make sure to use some of their fresh wasabi in your soy sauce to add an extra kick!

Salmon Cucumber Roll 

For those watching their girlish figures, we recommend our personal favorite - the Salmon Cucumber Roll. This off-the-menu-roll is sure to win you over. Instead of rice and seaweed, the salmon, jalapeno, green onion and fish roe mixture is wrapped in freshly sliced cucumber. Skip the rice and focus on the delicious filling. 

Salmon and Kanpachi Sashimi with fresh wasabi

Toro Sushi

Raw fish lovers unite, as the sashimi here at Masami is some of the freshest fish you'll ever have. We tried the Salmon and Kanpachi (Japanese lumberjack) sashimi, and to say it was delicious is an understatement. Both sashimi selections were sliced right in front of us, and we could have sworn they were freshly caught that afternoon. Other sashimi selections to try are the Yellowtail and Tuna. If you prefer a little rice, we suggest going the sushi route. We tried the Toro (fatty tuna) and it was buttery, rich, and delectable. 

Grilled Shishito Peppers

Baked Green Mussels

If you prefer your meal to be cooked, then you'll find several great dishes to choose from. We tried the Grilled Shishito Peppers; they're so mild it's easy to finish the skewer a little too quickly. We also tried the Baked Green Mussels, which are served in-shell and filled with mussels, scallions and a spicy-mayo-like sauce. Other classic cooked dishes are Vegetable Tempura and Gyoza pan-fried dumplings. 

Sho Chiku Bai Nigiri Silky Mild Cold Sake

A sushi dinner is not complete without a bottle of Sake. We chose the sweet Sho Chiku Bai Nigiri Silky Mild Sake. It is the perfect cold summer sake. If you have any leftover, be sure to pour a little on your complimentary post-dinner orange for something a little special!

Some restaurants don't need flashy appearances to have some of the highest quality food, and Masami is one of them. Stop by on a Monday night for half off sake and beer. Next time you're looking for a great sushi dinner, don't forget Richardson's hidden gem, Masami. 

Masami Japanese Sushi & Cuisine Official Website

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