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Modern Mexican Cuisine Debuts at Kitchen LTO

06.29.2015 by: Allison Turpin
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Kitchen LTO is a groundbreaking concept in the restaurant world. LTO stands for "Limited Time Only," a fitting description of how the place functions. Twice a year, it hosts a tasting to showcase five new chefs and five new artists in the running to take over the kitchen. Patrons at the tasting get a sampling from each of the chefs and vote on which one should own the restaurant for the next six months. They also vote on which of the artists earns the right to redecorate the space in accordance with the new menu. The chef and the artist are selected and have only 1.5 days to transform the restaurant into their new concept.

It is a fun, exciting way to keep people coming back. The newest duo is chef Anastacia Quinones and artist Crimson Shults. The menu is Modern Mexican and showcases many fresh seafood dishes. The new interior of the restaurant compliments the cuisine - filled with brightly colored paper flowers, twinkle lights, and bold paintings.

Chef Quinones in the newly decorated interior of Kitchen LTO {Kitchen LTO Facebook Photo}

The menu isn't huge, which allows Quinones to focus on fewer items and do them well. Under the appetizers, the Queso is more than just melted cheese. The gooey blend of Oaxaca, Monterrey Jack and Cheddar is topped with an acidic heirloom tomato vinaigrette and corn salsa. We had to ask for more chips to scrape the bowl clean. Another great way to start off the meal is one of their three Ceviches. The Green Ceviche has snapper, avocado and tomatillos; the White Ceviche marries shrimp, coconut milk and pineapple; and the Red Ceviche combines tuna and watermelon. If you prefer to have Ceviche for your main meal, opt for the Trio that gives you a taste of all three.

Queso served with crispy tortilla chips

Green Ceviche has the vibrant flavors of snapper, tomatillo, cilantro, jalapeno, lime and avocado

For your main course, many of your options are seafood dishes, including the Grilled Salmon and the Broiled Red Snapper. The salmon sits atop sweet and succulent street corn and is topped with a hearty serving of kale and chorizo while the snapper is beautifully presented with colorful peaches and pepitas. Another great entree is the Lump Crab Enchiladas. The velvety green poblano puree coats the enchiladas and contrasts with the pops of queso fresco.

Grilled Salmon with kale and street corn

Lump Crab Enchiladas with corn and poblano puree and wilted purslane salad

Broiled Red Snapper with peaches and chile de arbol

Trinity Groves is a popular culinary destination in Dallas, and Kitchen LTO provides a fun, unique way of drawing those crowds. The newest chef has created a light, fresh menu of Modern Mexican cuisine that highlights seafood and traditional garden ingredients. Her menu will only be around for a limited time, so stop in soon to get her taste of Mexico.

{Kitchen LTO Official Website}

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